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Instructor Apprenticeship Edible, Medicinal & Otherwise Useful Wild Plants

All around us lives a world of allies that most people never know... Wild Plants.

They provide us with food, medicine and so many other useful things, yet to the average person has no idea they even exist.

Discover the Amazing World of the Plant People and change the way you view the world around you forever!

Due to a family emergency this program will now begin in June. Thank you for your understanding.

World of the Plants 6 Month Skills Intensive
Upcoming Session: June – November, 2018
Location: Practical Primitive, Great Meadows, NJ
Tuition: $600
Details:  One Saturday each month, June through November

(See Scheduled Dates Below)

Day Lillies

Wild Edible Plants are nutritious, delicious, plentiful and best of all, free! There are so many safe and easy to identify wild edibles alll around us. Learning what they are and how to easily add them into your regular meals will bring an amazing new dimension into your meals, and add all kinds of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important nutrients that are most often missing in the modern cultivated greens, fruits and vegetables we get at the grocery store.

Wild Medicinal Plants can provide you with remedies for everything from mosquito bites, headaches and poison ivy to cuts and fevers, colds and flus and so much more. Many of the drugs you buy at the pharmacy have their original roots in the medicinal properties of the common weeds that grow right outside your door. You will learn not only how to identify these powerhouses of natural medicine, but also how to discern what ailments the plant will treat and how to best extract and use each medicinal property. You will use plants "straight from the ground" as well as make your own tinctures, salves, oils and syrups to expand and diversify your home medicine cabinet. EVERY plant you learn will be safe and simple to identify and use.

Wisteria Basket

Otherwise Useful Plants are found all around us and are the most often overlooked of our plant allies. From beautiful baskets to super-strong string, these utilitarian plants can be used to make nets, hammocks and shelters, parts for traps and fire-making kits, useful carrying bags, clothing and even shoes!

Over the six months of this program you will get to know at least 40 different plants (probably more) and how to use them. By "get to know" we don't just mean recognize it in a field guide. You will find, identify, harvest, process and use each and every plant; discovering its many wonders and abilities and how we - human and plant - can benefit and help each other.

"One of the great benefits of eating wild food is that it reminds us that we are not fed from the supermarket, but by the sunshine, rain, and soil. As a society, we are coming to believe the fallacy the people make food. Drawing even a small part of our sustenance directly from the Earth helps keep us in touch with the sobering reality that, despite our advanced technology, we cannot manufacture our most basic needs."
— Samuel Thayer



Our Plant Kingdom allies are everywhere around us, in the wild and beautiful meadows and the deep darkness of the forest, in front yards and city parks and soccer fields and garden beds, in the cracks of sidewalks and roads and paved over parking lots. Be it country, suburb or inner city, everywhere you turn a plant ally is there.

Join us for this epic six month journey into a world that our ancestors knew so intimately, but that we have now all but forgotten. Without plants we can not stay healthy. Without plants we can not breathe. Without plants, we can not survive. Discover this amazing Kingdom that lives side-by-side with our own.
Discover the World of the Plant People.



Scheduled Dates and Registration

Scheduled dates for the "World of the Plant People" 6 Month Skills Intensive
Day Lillies

Saturday June 16
Saturday July 21
Saturday August 11
Saturday September 15
Saturday October 13
Saturday November 10



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World of the Plant People: Discovering Edible, Medicinal & Otherwise Useful Plants
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