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A Four Month Practical Primitive Skills Intensive

The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt

Natural Camouflage

Our Move Out of State has been Delayed so We're Offering our Signature Hunting Program

» Don't be Scented

» Don't be Seen

» Don't be Heard

» Know the Right Place

» Be there at the Right Time

Learn how to Turn these Rules into Actions.
Learn how to Become Invisible on the Landscape
      Learn the True Skills of the Spirit of the Hunt


About the Program

Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt
Upcoming Session:     September – December, 2019
Location:                   Practical Primitive, Great Meadows, NJ
Tuition:                     $795 ($225 deposit due upon registration. See Payment Plan Options below.)
Program Dates:          One 2-day weekend each month (See below for proposed weekend dates.)
Registration Deadline:  September 19, 2019

Buck in velvet

When most people think of hunting today they envision tree stands, feeders, high-fence game farms and guided hunts on private land. A far cry from the ways used by our ancestors long (and not so long) ago!

Our focus for this program will center around the Hunt in its traditional form — on-the-ground, fair-chase hunting where you match your wits with those of the animal through knowledge, instinct, skill and stealth. You will learn to pattern game so that you will not only know their movements now, but where they will be at any time of year. You'll discover how to become virtually invisible on the landscape, move silently through the woods, and stalk closer to animals than you have ever thought possible. Your awareness of all that goes on around you will increase exponentially, so you will soon be able to tell when an animal (two-legged or four) is moving through an area that you can neither see nor hear.

Your camera will be your tool during this program, making it perfect for hunters, photographers and nature lovers — any one who wishes to be able to blend into the landscape and get closer than ever before to any animal, anywhere.


Learning the art of tracking



You will be one of a small group of people to spend 4 months learning from Eddie Starnater, one of the best, most highly skilled and experienced instructors in the world of primitive skills. Eddie has been hunting since the age of 10, when he killed his first two deer with one shot each. He has hunted with firearms, bows (from compound bows and laminated longbows through to his own hand-crafted selfbows with flint-tipped arrows) throwing sticks & thrusting spears. Over the past 40+ years Eddie has hunted deer, turkey, hogs, elk and more all over the United States. He has used tree stands and blinds, but his preferred hunting style by far is spot-and-stalk fair chase hunting — exactly what you will be learning in this program.




Sitting silent and still


Tracking  …  Trailing  …  Concealment

As a member of this program you will gain a thorough and hands-on understanding of the Skills of the Ancient Hunter. You will discover the secrets of moving through the woods silently and stealthily, without being seen or heard or noticed by the animals with whom you are sharing the area. You will learn how, when and where to move, the importance of silence and the art of stillness. Tracking, trailing and patterning will become second nature and you will realize just how much you have been missing all this time.



The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt — The Purpose and Philosophy behind this Program

Tracking over grass

There was a time when The Hunt was considered sacred. The chosen animal had been "set aside" in order that the people might continue to survive, and it was the responsibility of the hunter to harvest that animal in an honorable and respectful manner. This is the goal of the Ultimate Hunter — to return to the mindset in which the hunter tracked and stalked his prey, and fed his people through skill, stealth, cunning and art.

Drawing on his decades of "in the woods" and hunting experience, Eddie has choosen each skill and every project carefully and specifically to build your hunting, tracking and awareness skills in a manner that will grow exponentially.

You will receive intense and personalized instruction that simply can not be matched, all in an environment that is positive and fun and enjoyable, where we share each others successes and learn from each others failures. If you have been wanting to learn to hunt, are frustrated with your success (or lack thereof), or simply want to learn how to get closer to the animals that move through your world every day, the Ultimate Hunter program will take you places you have, until now, only dreamed of being able to go.

It is through the learning of these skills that the sacred aspects of the hunt will emerge for you. The entire experience will be enhanced in a way that modern hunting can simply not match. To sit in a tree stand or wait in a ground blind in the hope that an animal might come down your path or to your feeder will no longer be enough. Instead, you will be drawn into the world of the ancient hunter, where you must match your wits with those of the animal and prove yourself worthy to take home the prize.

The timing of this program is such that it culminates during the height of bow season. Throughout the four months your projects, exercises and homework assignments will all be working toward preparing you to take part in a hunt unlike any other you have experienced. It is here that you will enter the Realm of the Ultimate Hunter. It is here that you will find the true Spirit of the Hunt.


Program FAQs

Flock of wild turkeys


Q. What will be covered in the program? What sorts of skills will I learn?
A. Over the course of your four months you will learn many more skills than there is space to list here, but below are a few of the main subjects we will be covering and expanding on as the program goes on:

Raccoon tracksQ. Will I learn to make bows in this program?
A. No, bow building is not a part of the Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program. This program focuses solely on the Hunt itself, giving this ancient art the time and energy deserves.

Q. Is this program only for bow hunters? What if I hunt with a firearm? Or with my camera?
A. The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program is not a bow-hunter specific program and is open to anyone who wishes to learn, improve or perfect the Art of the Hunt. We will be focusing on the Skills of the Hunt, not on the weapon used. Our goal is to teach you hunting strategies that you can use for any animal, any time, any where, using any weapon. Whether you hunt with a firearm, a bow, an atlatl, a stick or a camera, this program will help you get closer to your animal than you ever thought possible.

Eddie pointing out tracks

Q. Will be be doing any actual hunting during the program?
A. These are not hunting weekends. The goal of this program is to teach you HOW to hunt in an ethical, honorable and sacred manner. You will be using a camera to document your homework, to show how close you were able to get, what tracks you found, etc.

Q. What do you mean by "Homework"?
A. This is a hands-on program and you will be expected to practice and apply the skills we work on in your home environment, and in the woods and meadows where you plan to hunt. Each weekend we will cover the basics of certain skills and work on associated exercises together. You will then be given "homework projects" to complete in your local hunting area.

Q. How do I sign up and when is the deadline?
A. The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program begins the last weekend in September and you can sign up below. A $225 deposit is required to secure your place, with the balance due according to one of our payment plan options. Please look carefully at the proposed weekends and let us know if there are any dates that are difficult, or don't work for you. The registration deadline is September 19, so don't delay!


Rabbit at 2 yards

Q. How many people do you accept into the Ultimate Hunter program?
A. As with all of our programs, The Ultimate Hunter: World of the Hunt program is a small group experience. Except in extraordinary circumstances we do our best to keep all of our programs to a maximum of 10 people. If there will be more than 10 we will let you know in advance.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for the Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program. There is no upper age limit and so long as you are physically able to complete the course-work and participate in the outdoor activites we encourage you to apply!

Q. Where do the weekends take place and where will I stay?
A. The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt weekends will take place at Practical Primitive in Great Meadows, NJ. (Check out our Locations page for more detailed information.) Participants will be able to camp on-site over the weekends. You may either bring a tent to set up in the back yard, or choose to stay indoors over nights. You will have full access to facilities, and all meals will be provided over the course of the weekend.

Camouflage  … Cunning  … Strategy

How many tracks do you see?


Q. What is the schedule for the program?
A. Program members will gather for one 2-day weekend each month for 4 months, beginning in September. (See below for the proposed Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt weekends.) We will get started at 9am Saturday morning and finish up around 5pm Sunday afternoon. Each weekend will be filled with intense instruction and exercises to help you practice your hunting skills, an outline of the homework assignments for the upcoming month, as well as a debrief of the homework and exercises from the previous month.

Q. I have a conflict for one of the weekends listed on the schedule. What can I do?
A. It is still possible for variations to be made to the dates listed below. If you want to be a part of the program but have a have a conflict, let us know. The final weekends will be based on the input of participants.

Q. What sort of skills / experience do I need to have to apply?
A. There are no minimum or maximum skill or experience requirements. All who have an interest are encouraged to apply.

Bear track


Awareness  … Silence  … Stealth

Q. Do I have to have taken a Practical Primitive workshop in order to apply?
A. No, it is not mandatory to have attended a workshop prior to joining the Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program. We have several alumni for whom a Skills Intensive was their first Practical Primitive experience.

Q. How much is the tuition for the Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt program and what is included?
A. The Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt includes over 80 hours of instruction, all of the program supplies and materials, as well as accommodations and all of your meals during the Ultimate Hunter weekends, all for just $795, or less than $10 per hour. (See our Payment Options below.)



Proposed Dates and Registration

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 19. If you have any questions, let us know!

Tracking wild turkey

September 21-22
October 26-27
November 16-17
December 14-15


Register with Deposit
- $225

Register in Full
- $795



A $225 deposit is required to secure you place in the program, with the balance payable via one of the following options:
Option 1: A single payment in the full balance amount of $570 on or before the first day of the program.
Option 2: Two payments of $285, due at the September & October weekends.
Option 3: Three payments of $190, due at the September, October & November weekends.

Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt
Program Length: 4 Months
Upcoming Session: September – December, 2019
Location: Practical Primitive, Great Meadows, NJ
Tuition: $795 ($225 deposit due upon registartion.)
Registration Deadline:  September 19, 2019

If you have any questions about the program feel free to give us a call,
or send an e-mail to
Please see our
FAQ page
for more information and cancellation policy.