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The Solstice is Almost Upon Us!
It's time to wash away the old in preparation everything new and wonderful;
and our HAND-MADE SOAPS are the perfect beginning!
December 13-20, all soaps are 3 for $12!


Tshirt Logo Crest2019 TEE SHIRT!

"WISDOM: The Scar Tissue of Experience"

Wisdom T-shirt


100% Pre-shrunk Cotton

FRONT: Practical Primitive crest upper left (shown above)
BACK: Wisdom: The Scar Tissue of Experience

Short-sleeve $20
Sizes: M - 2XL





Instructional DVDs / Webinar Recordings / CDs

9 Step Knapping: Flinknapping Made Easy

Our first Instructional DVD is now available!

9 Step Knapping DVD

6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone!

Since the dawn of time humans have been turning rocks into tools — it's only over the last few decades that we've made it so complicated! Go back-to-basics with this simple-to-follow, easy-to-replicate reduction sequence developed by 25-year veteran knapper, Eddie Starnater. Eddie has been teaching his unique and innovative 9 Step Knapping™ process to Practical Primitive students since 2006 — allowing brand new knappers to produce usable arrow points in a single day!

Whether you are a novice knapper just getting started or someone who has been knapping for a while but are frustrated with your current results, the 9 Step Knapping™ method will have you creating beautifully shaped and thinned points in no time.

Come along for the journey as Practical Primitive's Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin break the ancient art of flintknapping down into 6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Simple Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone! (Includes Bonus Feature: Arrow Points from Bottle Bottoms)


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)


ACORN: Processing & Preparing the Forgotten Food

Acorn DVD

Fast & Easy Methods of Processing & Preparing in Your Own Kitchen!

80 minutes of step-by-step instructions on gathering, processing & leaching acorn, quickly and easily in your kitchen. PLUS you'll see detailed examples of five of our favorite acorn recipes to make at home.

Preparing acorn is a much faster process than most people realize. Using simple cold-water leaching, Eddie & Julie show you how to quickly and easily remove the bitterness from acorns in your own kitchen. Starting with gathering, drying and storage, our step-by-step instructions show you multiple methods for turning your acorns into flour, from traditional pounding to modern processing. You'll see how to leach away the tannins in mere hours, then learn how to successfully add acorn into almost any recipe, including five of our favorites that you can replicate at home.

Delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, and filled with protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, it's time to learn just how simple processing and preparing this forgotten food can be!


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)


Emergency Preparedness 1: What Am I Preparing For???

What Amm I Prearing For DVD

Part 1 of our 3-part Emergency Preparedness Series is Now on DVD!

The first in our 3-part "Emergency Preparedness" series, this webinar will help you determine the most likely emergency scenarios that you and our loved ones may realistically face, and how to make your preparations accordingly.

Learn to perform risk assessments for potential emergency situations, how to create emergency kits for your home, work, car, children and pets, what to put in your evacuation kits, and how to keep your kits safe, yet accessible.You will also discover why getting prepared does NOT have to break your budget, what things to ALWAYS have on hand, how to decide when to evacuate and when to shelter-in-place, and how to encourage family, neighbors and friends to be prepared, without being scared.

Emergency preparations are easy to make and inexpensive to put together, so get started by learning exactly WHAT you should be preparing for!

(Includes full-screen shots of slides from live webcast and all questions asked during live event. Originally broadcast August 31, 2011. DVD-R format.)


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)


Emergency Preparedness 2: The "GO" Bag

The first of our On-Demand Webinars is Now Available on DVD!

(Check out the free preview on YouTube!)

The GO Bag DVD

It's Not the End of the World!

Emergency situations occur every day and being prepared just makes sense! Your "GO" Bag is your main mobile emergency kit and in this video we discuss the specific "just-in-case" items that should be included, why each one is important, and the many ways in which they can all be used.

There's no need to spend big bucks purchasing a pre-made kit, or in putting your own "GO" Bag together. In fact, you'll probably be surprised how many items you already have scattered around your home! You just need to pull them all together and know how to use them.

You never know when or where an emergency may occur, which is why, as the name implies, this kit should be with you everywhere you GO!

(Includes full-screen shots of slides from live webcast and all questions asked during live event. Originally broadcast December 28, 2011. DVD-R format.)


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)


Principles of Natural Camouflage: The Science of Invisibility

The GO Bag DVD

Our most requested On-Demand Webinar is Now on DVD!

(Check out the free preview on YouTube!)

Our highly popular webcast recording has been edited and expanded to include additional information that you will refer back to again and again. The information on this DVD will teach you:

(Includes full-screen shots of slides from live webcast, additional information just for the DVD, and all questions asked during live event. Originally broadcast July 27, 2011. DVD-R format.)


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)


Shelter Building Principles - Now Available on DVD!

Birch Bark Shelter

Our newest Webinar Recording DVD is now shipping!

The "Rule of 3's" states that a person can only survive for 3 hours without shelter. Every shelter, from an expedient survival bivouac to a semi-permenant dwelling, can be created using the principles explained in this seminar.
You will also explore heat loss and heat gain mechanisms for the human body and discover how to counter and/or take advantage of them as you construct the most appropriate shelter for virtually any environment.
Many different construction styles, materials and techniques are discussed, from single-person grass shelters to semi-permanent group shelters to snow huts and quinzees. You will learn how to create virtually any shelter type, from simple to elaborate, based on your needs, the number of people and your available resources.

(Includes full-screen shots of slides from live webcast, additional information just for the DVD, and all questions asked during live event. Originally broadcast November 17, 2011. DVD-R format.)


(For wholesale pricing, please contact Julie)



Nature Notebook: Yearly Observations Journal
by Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater

Bowdrill Book
Your Specialized 365 day Nature Journal for Observing Plants, Animals, Birds, Insects & More!

Begin a fascinating journey down the road to becoming a part OF Nature, rather than apart from it. Discover how, by opening all of your senses to what is going on around you, and by recording those observations, you will begin to understand the incredible interconnected web that is that Natural World. You'll realize how alive the entire earth truly is, and how you fit within the amazing web of life that surrounds you.

Whether you live out in the country, in the middle of a subdivision or in a high-rise apartment downtown, Nature is there; we can not exist without it. Your Nature Notebook is designed to help you get closer to nature by increasing your overall awareness of the natural world and surrounding ecosystems. You'll learn to recognize both patterns and anomalies, and thanks to recording your oberservations, you will have the ability to look back over time to notice changes in weather, climate, and plant and animal movements year after year. Great for every home, as well as classrooms and homeschooling!

Drawing on more than a decade of experience using and modifying other journals, Eddie & Julie have created this specialty 365-day notebook, designed especially for observing nature in all its forms — plants, animals, insects, birds, even your garden. You'll have a space for every day, as well as monthly and yearly summary pages and a special cross-reference section at the back. So grab your Nature Notebook, start observing and recording, and prepare to be amazed by the world that surrounds you!



Secrets of Bowdrill Success: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Secrets & Science
Behind Rubbing Two Sticks Together

by Julie Martin

Bowdrill Book The most comprehensive book on Bowdrill currently available, with over 150 pages of information and instruction, and over 200 photos to guide you on your path to Bowdrill success.

Bowdrill is not that hard. It really isn't! In fact, it's actually pretty easy. Once you understand the Secrets and the Science behind the skill, you too will be able to make a bowdrill coal virtually every single time. Bowdrill is both Reliable and Consistent, and in spite of what you may have seen on TV, it doesn't take a lot of strength, effort or energy.

Learn how to size your entire bowdrill kit to YOU, how to choose the right diameter of bowdrill spindle (a KEY aspect of success!), how to read your dust and understand what it is telling you, how to create a coal with very little effort, and much more. When you understand both HOW and WHY bowdrill works you will also understand what goes wrong when it doesn't, and how to FIX it!

Natural vs. nylon cordage, kits made off-the-landscape or from purchased lumber, the anatomy of a coal as it comes to life, photos and descriptions of exactly how to carve your notch, two-stick and notchless fireboards, step-by-step instructions on proper form and how to make a coal... all of this and more are explained in detail in the comprehensive guide to Simple, Reliable and Consistent Bowdrill, Every Single Time.

Order Your Autographed Copy Today!
Black & White Photos

FULL COLOR Photo Edition

Principles of Natural Camouflage: The Art of Invisibility
by Eddie Starnater

Principles of Natural Camouflage

There is a big difference between true Natural Camouflage and just "getting dirty". True camouflage is both science and art. By following the principles set forth in this book you too can learn to disappear and remain unnoticed on almost any landscape.
Eddie Starnater has been researching, perfecting and teaching the Principles of Natural Camouflage for over a decade. Using over 80 full-color photos of actual natural camouflage subjects and scenarios he brings together both his conclusions and the science behind them to show you the principles of "dead space", the understanding of how we percieve our environment, what we see and why we see it, his 9 "S-entials" of camouflage, how to apply natural materials for camouflage and much more.
As a companion to Eddie's "Principles of Natural Camoulfage" DVD or on its own, this book will change your perception of what is possible in the Art of Invisibility.

"Understanding Baseline is Awareness.
Blending with Baseline is Camouflage.
Manipulating Baseline is Invisibility.


Acorn: Recipes for the Forgotten Food
by Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater

Acorn Falafel


Everywhere there are oak trees, at one time or another, people ate acorn. For many indigenous people across North America and around the world, acorn was a staple food around which their entire diet was based. Today, much of that important food history has been forgotten and many people now believe that this once sacred food is inedible. This book aims to change all that! Acorn is a delicious, nutritious and extremely versatile food that is high in protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, and is gluten-free. While it does tak a little bit of work to prepare, the end result is absolutely, positively, 100% worth it! The step-by-step instructions on gathering and preparing acorn will show you just how quick and easy it can be to make acorn flour in your own kitchen with no special equipment, and our Easy-leach Cold Process method of tannin removal that is done right on your kitchen countertop while you are asleep and at work, will have you ready to prepare your own Acorn dishes in no time flat!
Far more than just a "Survival" food, this book contains 25 of our absolute favorite Acorn recipes. From breakfast cereal and muffins to chicken fingers and falafel, to banana bread and cheesecake, Acorn will take your cooking, baking and eating to a whole new level of delicous!





Make Your Own Tincture Kits

Each kit will make at least 2 full bottles of tincture, and the herbs can be re-used for a second batch, if desired, for a total of 4 full bottles of tincture. A great value compared to buying pre-made tinctures at the health food store!
Perfect for hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, Christmas and Hanukkah presents, or as a gift to yourself for your health.

Make-your-own Tincture Kit Includes:
  • 8oz glass jar with lid and custom label
  • 1 oz labeled amber glass bottle with dropper
  • 1/3 cup of your choice of herb
  • Complete instructions for making your own tincture.

Available in: Elderberry, Yarrow and Echinacea

Tincture Kit
Tincture Kit
Tincture Kit
Tincture Kit

(Includes Elderberry,
Yarrow & Echinacea

All-Natural Handmade Soap

All of our soaps are hand made in small batches using only natural vegetable ingredients — no chemicals or additives. Each bar is hand-cut to weigh approx. 4 ounces and will provide a wonderful and rich lather that will not dry your skin!
Perfect for Holiday gift-giving, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or in your own home — once you're used our all-natural handmade soap you'll never want to go back to store-bought again!

Seasonal Solstice Soap Sale! — December 13-20, All Soaps & Select Variety Packs, 3 for $12!

Soap Sale
Choice of Soaps (All the Same)
Choice of Soaps (Variety Pack)
Gingerbread Spice Soap

Gingerbread Spice

Julie's FAVORITE soap! The wonderful scent of cinnamon and cloves with just a hint of citrus that is perfeclty reminiscent of the best homemade Gingerbread, will bring you feelings of comfort, family, home and hearth every time you use it.
This is our special seasonal soap and once it's gone, it's gone. Get yours today!



Vanilla Oatmeal Soap

NEW! Vanilla Oatmeal

This brand new soap is perfect for your dry winter skin. With a mild vanilla scent and soothing oatmeal, your skin will be saying "Yes Please!" to this sensationally soothing soap. Actual flecks of real vanilla bean and powdered oatmeal provide a super-mild exfoliant to wash away dry skin, and the rich ultra-moisturizing lather will protect and replace your natural oils, keeping your skin smooth and supple. 



Rosemary Mint Soap

Rosemary Mint

The light scent of rosemary and mint is invigorating and will help keep your skin looking and feeling it's best. A rich and luxurious lather that will not dry your skin!

Lavender Soap

Lavender-Tea Tree

A delicately scented and refreshing soap with an extra creamy, light lather.
(Only 2 bars left in current batch!)
$4.95 ea


Sage Cedar soap

Sage & Cedar

Bring the scent of the outdoors into your bathroom with this
wonderfully woodsy soap.


Tangerine Lemongrass Soap


Our most popular soap, the light citrusy scent wakes you
up and keeps you refreshed all day long.

Skin, Joint &, Pain Salves

One of our biggest selling products, "Wonder Salve" is a one-stop-shop for almost any skin ailment. Folks use it for chapped lips, cuts, bites, stings, rashes, cracks in fingers and heels, and ESPECIALLY on burns! Give some a try and we know you'll love it.
We infuse our own oils of Wildcrafted Plantain, Wildcrafted Mint, Thyme and Calendula, all combined into local beeswax.

If you're looking for natural pain relief, look no further. Comfrey has been used for hundreds of years to ease strains, sprains, aches and pains. Great for muscle and joint issues, soft tissue problems, sprains, breaks, bruising and more, comfrey gets used daily around this house, and it makes all the difference. Made with our own organic comfrey, infused in olive oil and combined into local beeswax.
Wonder Salve

Comfrey Salve

Choose Size
Choose Size



Gift Certificates

A Great Gift Idea!

Each Personalized certificate can be sent to you via USPS or e-mail, or directly to the recipent for fast delivery and last-minute gift-giving.
Practical Primitive Gift Certificates can be used toward ANY Workshop, Mentoring Session or Trading Blanket item!*

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Workshop Gift Certificates

Looking for a Gift Certificate for specific workshop? No Problem! Choose the number of workshop days and fill in the information below!

Choose your Gift Certificate Amount
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Need one for a specific occasion? Call Julie at 908-637-8137 for your customized certificate!

*Please note: It is advised that all in-person workshops be redeemed by mid-April 2020, as we will be moving out of New Jersey. Online workshops, web-based programs and Trading Blanket items can be redeemed at any time.