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The Atlatl: First Weapon of the Ancients


When most people think of "primitive hunters" they picture them with a bow and arrow, but the Atlatl was the dominant hunting system for many thousands of years before bows ever existed!
Used longer than any other weapon ever developed, the Atlatl is undergoing a modern resurgance in popularity, and is even legal to hunt with (again) in several states. It was the Atlatl and dart that placed humans at the top of the pre-historic food chain, and this workshop will introduce you one of the most important inventions of the ancient human race — and one that is much faster and easier to make in a survival situation than a bow.
You will learn to make several different types of atlatls throwers, make your own darts, and practice the unique throwing styles used to make this such a natural and effective hunting tool.

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Natural Camouflage

The Art of Natural Camouflage & Silent Movement

With the advent of modern camouflage clothing the Art of Natural Camouflage has fallen into disuse. But it really is possible to become virtually invisible on any landscape using only natural materials! Going far beyond the usual concept of "mudding up", in this workshop you will discover the difference between true natural camouflage and just getting dirty. You will learn to use light and dark, highlights and shading, spots, blots and stripes to cause the eye to slide right past you without notice.
You will also begin to understand how the brain and eyes work together, what both animals and humans see and more importantly, what they don't see. You will also learn when, where and how to move in order to avoid detection, allowing you to blend seamlessly into any environment.
This workshop is a favorite among our students and often fills up quickly. So come out and join us to change the way you approach a landscape and vastly improve your ability to move with stealth.

The Video:
 This footage was shot during our June-09 workshop in Texas. Can you spot the person in each shot?

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹

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Animal Tracking: Learning to Track

Tracking on Moss

Tracking: The Art of Seeing. There is no mystery in following an animal through the woods or across a field. The tracks are all there — it's just a matter of knowing what you're looking for. But how do you learn to SEE them???
This workshop is specifically designed for those with little to no tracking experience, and those who have taken a tracking class but are still having trouble seeing or recognizing tracks. We will start from the beginning and go over all the basics you'll need to begin recognizing and following tracks over all types of surfaces. You'll learn how to "pattern" your brain and come away from the day with a set of core skills that you will be able to practice in your backyard, your local park or walking in the woods. Discover a whole new world that is living side by side with you, no matter where you live. You'll never see the ground in the same way again!

Student Comments:  Read what past students of this workshop have to say

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Where is Eddie?

Dead Space: Invisible in Plain Sight

Camouflage is all well and good, but what would you think if I told you that you don't really need it? By developing a greater understanding of how the brain and eyes work together, and by learning how to determine what a person will and won't see when looking at an area, you can become invisible on virtually any landscape without any camouflage at all.
Dead Space is a concept that is rarely touched upon and only understood at it's most basic level in most of the other classes out there that teach camouflage. Yet is the most important concept to understand.
Over the course of this day we will delve deeply into the many layers of Dead Space. You will learn how to know where it is, how to be in it, and how to move though it to remain unnoticed by those around you.
In the past we have discussed Dead Space briefly during the Stalking & Natural Camouflage workshop, but this is a full day on the topic that will leave you with a much fuller understanding of how you can become Invisible in Plain Sight!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Bow Trap

››NEW! Traps 2: Advanced Traps, Triggers & Scaling for Size

Join Eddie for this brand new workshop that will give you a whole new way of looking at traps. During this Advanced Traps workshop you will discover a whole multitude of new types of traps. You will learn all about trigger styles and how to use tension, tortion and other trigger types, as well as how to manipulate the forces that drive traps to create the size and style of trap that will work in the situation for which you need it.
You will also learn now to scale traps up or down is size and force so that you can adjust them for any animal from squirrel to deer, rabbit to bear. These Advanced Traps will open up a whole new world!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹




Bow and Arrow close up

Primitive Hunting Skills: The Spot & Stalk

Whether you hunt with a longbow, a firearm, or a camera, you'll learn how to closely observe an area and read the animal activity. We will explore all-surface tracking, camouflage, stalking, and other techniques that will allow you to approach the hunt in an "on the ground" manner, and get much closer to game than you ever thought possible. To our ancestors the hunt was a sacred rite, and in many societies members of the tribe had to prove themselves worthy before being permitted to participate. In our modern world this connection with the "circle of life" has been all but lost. For those of you who wish to get down out of your tree stands, move away from your feeders and rekindle this connection, this class will help you to connect with an instinct that is too deep to describe.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Tracking: The Next Step


If you can recognize and follow a set of tracks for a reasonable distance over different types of ground, but aren't seeing as much as you want or tracking as far as you wish, then it's time to take The Next Step.
In this "Intermediate" tracking workshop you will learn to not only follow full tracks, but to see partial tracks over more difficult terrain and follow intermittent trails through denser flora, allowing you to discover even more about the animal, what it is doing, where it is going, and how to use that information to your advantage. Through the blending together of sign tracking, compression tracking and some more advanced techniques, you will leave this class with a new set of skills that can be applied to any type of surface, and to anything that moves over the earth.
Whether you are a hunter who wants to be sure you can successfully trail your game, a photographer who is looking for new wildlife challenges, or a nature lover who is curious about what animals are living in and travelling through your neighborhood, you'll never see the ground in the same way again!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Man Tracking Man Tracking

While man may be just another animal, following the tracks of a person can be very different from following those of, say, a deer. Often times our purpose in tracking humans is different as well. When tracking someone who has become lost or injured we must be able to spot extreme direction changes, trails that circle back on themselves and follow patterns that may seem random and confusing. When tracking a person who, for whatever reason, does not want to be followed you must be on the look out for anti-tracking and counter-tracking measures that may have been employed to hide a trail.
In this workshop you will learn to see, interpret and follow tracks based on human psychology and behavior. You will discover how to predict likely routes of travel and spot potential ambush points and hiding locations. You will learn to function and communicate as part of a team, learn to recognize anti-tracking and counter-tracking tactics and spot the differences between their own tracks and those of the person being followed.
A unique and useful new perspective on tracking!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Tracking››NEW! Counter-Tracking & Anti-Tracking

Time and distance are the enemies of the Tracker. Understanding the principles usesd to confuse or delay a tracking team are paramount in evading. Recognizing when such techniques are being employed, and how to counter them are the foundation of making a speedy recovery. Whether you are the tracker or the one being tracked, a solid understanding of both Counter- and Anti-Tracking techniques will take your skills and abilities to a whole new level. This workshop will provide you with a solid introduction to the skills involved in both Counter-Tracking and Anti-Tracking. Beyond specific physical techniques used in counter- and anti-tracking, we will also focus heavily on the mental aspects of thinking on the move, using landscape to your advantage, and defeating the mental game of your opponent.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Wild Turkeys

Tracking for Hunters

As a hunter, the most important thing is to be able to track the game you want to find and recover the animal you've hit to take it home. This workshop is designed specifically for hunters who want to improve their ability to track and follow game over any surface. Whether you are hunting in deep woods or forest meadows, on grass, leaves, sand or a forest litter, hard surfaces or soft, this workshop will teach you how to follow game, track and trail your animal no matter what type of ground you are covering. Beyond trailing and recovery you will learn how to anticipate where a specific animal is likely to travel, and learn to "become" the animal of your interest.
A hunter for over 40 years, Eddie has tracked, hunted and recovered all types of large and small game, from the high mesas of Colorado to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. His many years of experience hunting, tracking and trailing will help you to make the most of your hunting time and ensure that you can find and take home every animal you harvest.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Tracks in the sand

››NEW! Tracking: Interpreting Animal Tracks & Sign

Being able to see and follow tracks is only the first step in basic track awareness. Once you have found the track, the next step is being able to interpret all the things that it is telling you. Directions of travel, speed, gait, what has caught the animal's interest and attention, why they are moving, where they are going, why they have chosen that path, what they are looking at (and just as importanly, what they are NOT looking at) is all information waiting for you as you learn to interpret the tracks and signs that you are seeing.
In this workshop we will concentrate on interpreting animal tracks and sign, leading you to a much deeper understanding of how and why these animals are moving through your area.
A great workshop for those who wish to get even more out of their tracking time, be better prepared for hunting season, or who are interested in developing a deeper awareness of the world around them.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Winter Track

Winter Tracking

Although there is nothing more fun than following a fresh set of tracks first thing in the morning after a heavy snowfall, those perfect days tend to be few and far between. More often than not tracks are distorted and trails are confused by melt, freeze, or wind and snow falling off of trees and bushes. Winter Tracking may also include times when the ground is hard and frozen, but no snow has yet fallen, or it has all melted away, leaving little or no visible track at all, or times when you are dealing with ground that has become muddy and distorted from continuous freezing and thawing, leaving tracks that are a confusing mess.
Tracking during the winter months brings its own set of challenges and special skills which you will discover and explore during this "heart of the winter" workshop. Don't let the cold weather deter you — there will be plenty of coffee & hot chocolate on hand!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Tow-stick Deadfall

Primitive Trapping: Deadfalls & Snares Beyond the Figure 4

In a survival situation you can increase your odds of obtaining food many times over by knowing how and where to set your traps. Traps are always working for you, while you can be off taking care of your other needs. During this workshop you will learn the basic principles that apply to ALL deadfall traps & snares. You will learn about trap triggers, about the forces that drive traps, and how to put those forces to work in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
Once these principles are understood you will be capable of devising your own traps, in any situation, as environment, materials & situation dictate.
Go past the commonly taught Figure 4 and Rolling snare to traps that are easier to build and set, and far more effective! Traps and Snares are not complicated once you understand the principles of how and why they work — learn how to make every trap count when your survival is on the line.
(No animals will be harmed in this workshop.)

The Photos:  See some of the photos taken at our first Texas "Traps, Simplified" workshop.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Apocalypto trap trigger
Man Traps: A Primitive Perspective

Traps using natural materials have been part of man's repertoire for eons. "Man traps" have been used as warning systems, force multipliers, tools of demoralization on enemy forces, to impede pursuit, protect property, and much more. You've seen them used in movies from Apocalypto to Apocalypse Now, looked at photos and diagrams in books on primitive cultures and ancient/modern warfare, now come and learn how this ingenious form of trapping technology is actually done!
You will learn to put together several common types of man traps that have been used throughout history, and see for yourself the incredible ingenuity required to design, construct and deploy each one. We will discuss trapping principles, the psychological implications of primitive man traps, along with how to discover and defeat traps that have been laid in your path.
NOTE: This workshop is for informational and entertainment purposes only. We will not be discussing any form of explosives, in accordance with Federal law.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Grey Man››NEW! Becoming the Grey Man

What is the Grey Man? Who is the Grey Man? Why should you care how to become one? Every day of our lives we encounter people — in person and on line. Some of them we remember, most are forgotten as soon as they are out of our sight. A rare few are never even noticed at all. These are the Greys. In times of stress, trouble, unrest, they Greys remain unnoticed, unmolested, undisturbed, because no one even notices they are there.
In today's world it is becoming more and more difficult — nigh unto impossible — to retain the slightest amount of anonymity or privacy, especially online. Whether you want to reduce your virtual signature and protect your personal data, or not have your data mined by every other company with every transaction you make, or find ways to help keep your and your family's identities as safe as possible from outside influences, both online and during less than ideal social and emergency circumstances. Frankly, it is as much about what must become the new common sense as it is anything else.
Learning to become the Grey Man, to live the Grey Life, means learning how to become utterly unremarkable in almost every way. How to not stand out, how to not be noticed, how to always be underestimated and to never be percieved as a threat. While the Grey life isn't for everyone, nor is it always for every day, it is a vital skill set to know and understand for an uncertain future.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Non-Returning Boomerangs

Non-Returning Boomarangs: The Ultimate Throwing Stick

Kylie, Throwing stick, Rabbit Stick, Boomerang... whatever you wish to call them, these shaped and refined thrown sticks have been used as both hunting and combat weapons throughout ancient history and all around the world. There are versions found in North America, several countries in Europe, India, Egypt and Australia, where it is still used in traditional hunts, and wwhere a modified version was even used in hand-to-hand combat!
Far from the "ballistic club" most people think of when they are searching for throwing stick, this well-tuned and highly-refined curved stick can be thrown the length of a football field and used to take down larger game like deer, as well as to hunt small animals and birds.
In this workshop you will make and tune your own non-returning boomerang, and discover the joy and ease of throwing your new Kylie. At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to hone your skill in target practice and really see how much more efficient and effective this Ultimate Throwing Stick can be.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Non-Returning Boomerangs


Throwing Slings: Ancient Weapon of Man

Easy to carry, simple to make, lightweight, portable and remarkabely accurate, Slings should be a part of every primitive skills enthusiast's repertoire. Found everywhere from Neolithic dig sites to King Tut's tomb, slings are a common thread throughout ancient history around the world. In this workshop you will see multiple different styles of slings, and make your own to take home. You will also learn how to size and tune your sling to get your best throwing results, about different materials that can be used as projectiles as well as how to make and find them.
(2:00 - 6:00 p.m.)

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Skills of the Guardian

For those of you who have had some Scout training in the past, either "Traditional" or "Urban", this workshop is the chance for you to bring your existing skills up to the next level. This will be YOUR workshop! Each participant will be asked in advance what skills they want to become more proficient at, and what we work on over these two days will be fully directed by your responses. Anything from Counter-tracking, Stalking, Camouflage, Lock-picking, Traps, Dead space, Urban variations, Awareness, Invisibility or any of the multitude of other Scout Skills may be covered.
The true Scout lives in a different sort of world and this weekend will be dedicated to helping those of you who have begun to take steps into this world to move there more freely, fully, and with confidence.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


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