Host a Practical Primitive Workshop in Your Area

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Have Workshop, Will Travel

If you have a group of four or more, Practical Primitive will come to you.

Choose from one of the courses we regularly offer, or design a workshop that meets the specific needs of your group.

Our goal is to make your learning as hassle-free as possible in today's over-scheduled world.
Now, you no longer need to spend the extra time and money away from your home and family to travel to and from the workshop you want to attend. Instead, Eddie will come to your area and teach a private workshop for your group.

The cost of travelling to your location will be divided among the number of students attending the workshop.

But is it really worth that small premium?

Let's take a look at an example:

If you have more questions, or would like to schedule a private workshop for your group, e-mail us at
We'll even work with you to find the right location!

Eight members of your Tracking Club have been working on their Flinknapping and want to take a 2-day workshop.
Your club is based approximately 300 miles from where Practical Primitive is holding classes.

  • 300 miles = 2 tanks of gas ($50/tank = $100)
  • Food and one night's Lodging = $100 (if no hotel is needed this charge will be minimal)
  • $200 divided between eight participants = $25 per person

Compare that to the cost of you driving down and back, add in the time away from home, family and pets, eating on the road, overnight accomodations, wear and tear on your vehicle...
Doesn't it make more sense have the instructor come to you?

And if another group schedules a class in the same area, or if others in your group would like to schedule an additional workshop, travel costs will be spread over the total number of students attending.