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Black Bear

NEW! Becoming Aware: The ONLY Skill

People often ask us, what is the most important skill to learn. They wonder where they should start, what they should focus on. Over the years we've given various answers; fire, water, plants, whatever interests you the most. But the truth is, there is only ONE skill: AWARENESS.
If you are not aware of what plants you are passing, it doesn't matter how many you know. If you are not aware of the disturbances on the ground, it doesn't matter how well you can track. If you are not aware of the available tinder sources, it doesn't matter how well you can make fire. If you are not aware of the resources that surround you, NO OTHER SKILLS MATTER.
During this workshop you will learn how to expand your use of ALL of your senses to build true awareness. We will play games and work on exercises that will allow you to discover how much there is to observe, and how much you are missing. We will take an Awareness Walk where Eddie & Julie will go through all the things they see, observe, notice and file away as they move down the trail and through the woods.
Becoming Aware is a skill that must be honed just like any other, yet is one that most people rarely even consider. Join us for this workshop to begin building your Awareness muscles, and working with the ONLY skill.

This workshop will take place in accordance with appropriate Social Distancing guidlines.

May 9 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


Workshops Below Are Not on the Current Schedule — Keep Checking Back to See When They Are Offered!

Sweat Lodge Framework

Constructing a Sweat Lodge

Variations of the Sweat Lodge have existed around the world and throughout history. Whether for health and well-being, for prayer and ceremony or just because you like the way it makes you feel, a good sweat can bring clarity, renewal and vitality at any time of the year.
We invite you to join us in constructing our new lodge, and learning how and why it is built in that manner. You will also learn about covering your lodge, how to choose your rocks, building and maintaining your rock fire and the hazzards and safety considerations that must be uppermost in your mind any time you undertake a sweat for yourself, family and friends.
If time, weather and the fire department permit, those who choose to may stick around to participate in the inaugural sweat. It will not be of any particular tradition or ceremony, simply a gathering of friends sharing the experience together.

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Eight-sided Drum

Drum Making: The Shaman's Drum

Since the advent of primitive culture, drums have held a sacred place as instruments of communication, of prayer and of healing, as well as being the basis for music all around the world.
During this workshop you will build your own 8-sided, hide-covered, rawhide-laced hand drum and beater to take home with you. Sometimes called a "Shaman's drum" because no glues or adhesives are used in the making, your drum will be held together only through the tension of the hide and lacing.
You will cut and prepare every aspect of your drum, choose and harvest the handle for your beater off of the landscape, and will also learn how to begin using your drum as part of ceremony and to influence internal and external energies. This will truly be your instrument; one ready to bring all good medicine into your life.
This workshop begins at 7pm on Friday evening. All tools and materials, including rawhide, will be provided and are included in the price of this workshop.

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›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Foraging & Gathering with the Hunter-Gatherer Mindset

In our modern world of strawberries in August, tomatoes in January and anything we want any time we want it, we have lost touch with the mindset that kept our ancestors alive and thriving through the tens of thousands of years prior to modern transportation and refrigeration methods.
The Mindset of the Hunter-Gatherer revolved around the seasons; they lived and died in accordance with their readiness and ability to gather what was available when it was ready. If you missed the acorn harvest one year you could not just run to the grocery store to buy another bag — you starved, your family starved, your people starved.
Re-adjusting our minds and heightening our awareness to that sort of seasonal mentality takes some doing, but for those who wish to eat locally, return to the land, live lighter on the earth, practice sustainable-living principles or just be more in tune with the natural world around them, the Hunter-Gatherer Mindset is an essential part of making those dreams a real and vital part of your existence.
Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

  —Robert Herrick, 1648

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Black Bear

NEW! Advanced Awareness: Expanding Your Senses

Eyes: the window to the soul, the window to the world. The first thing we do in the morning is open them up and the last thing we do at night is close them again. Sight is the one sense that overpowers all others, until it's been taken away.
During this workshop you will learn how to expand ALL of your senses. Sound, smell and touch are all just as important as sight and it's time to bring them to the fore. It's impossible to be fully aware with only your eyes to guide you. No other animal relies so completely on just one sense. It's time to expand ALL of your senses and bring your awareness to a whole new level.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Nature Observation & the Art of Awareness

Baby Rabbit

There is a quote from one of my favorite books... "Distance is the Enemy of Awareness". So often when we move through the woods and fields and other natural landscapes we have our minds and our thoughts so distant that we don't even realize how much we miss! Awareness and Observation are the keys to every other aspect of Primitive & Survival skills. Without developing the ability to actually SEE our surroundings, we move mindlessly from place to place without ever becoming a PART of our world.
It's time to close that distance. It's time to become Aware. It's time to learn to move through nature in her own rhythm, discovering how you can live with mindfulness and within this world. You'll discover the language of the birds, the movements of nature, and open yourself to a world you may have only dreamed existed.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Awareness & Reconnecting

The truth of the matter is this: There is only One Skill. Everything else we teach, everything else we learn, is a result of how well we understand and how meticulously we practice this One Skill. Sadly, in today's world this Skill is undervalued, unrespected and untaught. It is our objective to change that. It is our objective to bring this One Skill to the forefront of your training and assist you in understanding and respecting its importance, and through its practice, to take all your other skills to a whole new level of proficiency and perfection.
What is this One Skill? Simply, Awareness. The ability to not just watch, but to see, interpret, extrapolate and reproduce. To take off your blinders, slow down your though processes and be aware of all that is going on around you and in front of you, and to process that information in a consious and deliberate manner.
This is a voyage of self-discovery, both inward and outward; a time to reconnect with your inner voice and all that it can teach. You will rediscover a state of being that our modern society takes from us at a very early age. You will learn how to practice and to experience this One Skill to not only increase your Awareness, but your clarity of purpose as well, and provide you with an inner calm that will stay with you after you return to everyday life.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Rattles were some of the first musical instruments of our ancestors and are still held sacred by many peoples around the world today. A powerful vehicle to influence healing, participate in ceremonies, or just create music, rattles are expressions of the builder and the energy they wish to convey. They can be made from an almost infinite variety of materials, in a myriad of different methods. In this class you will build various types of rattles and begin to discover their secrets as you learn the many ways in which their enticing sound can be applied.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


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