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"Having escaped
and returned
to the wild..."

Hunter-Gatherer The Feral Human Project™ provides full-time immersion in any aspect of Primitive Skills, Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival, Sustainable Lifeways or Earth-wise Living, AND offers a place to live while you're learning. Now is the time and this is the place to practice and perfect the skills that YOU have been waiting to learn!

How long the program lasts is up to you. You can stay and study for as short as a week or as long as a year. We are looking for people who are passionate about learning and motivated to know these skills in their HANDS and in their HEARTS and ready to incorporate them into their LIVES, not just write about them in their notebooks.

What does the Feral Human Project™ include?

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What makes the Feral Human Project™ different from other "Residential" programs?


Primitive Skills, Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival

For those who practice Primitive, Bushcraft and Wilderness skills the opportunity to spend time LIVING these skills is invaluable. We know that, especially here in the Northeast, finding land on which you can live primitively, or a space that encourages you to immerse yourself fully is difficult to impossible. It is our desire to provide that place for men and women who share our passion for these skills. We want to fan that flame and build a whole new generation of truly knowledgeable Primitive Skills and Bushcraft practitioners who will have the expertise that only comes through immersion and experience, who will be the ones to pass down the true skills borne of trial and failure and wonderous discovery and hilarious stories and passion and heart and knowing; not the pale copies of notebook knowledge that so many are teaching today.
Cooking Shelter Which ever aspect of these skills most inspires you, that's what we want you to learn. You'll have the time, space and opportunity to build your own shelter and live in it full time. Cook over an open fire. Identify, harvest, prepare, store and preserve your own greens, berries, nuts, seeds, roots and tubers. Track, trap, hunt & fish*. Make bowls, baskets and containers out of wood and grass and bark. Dig and process clay and fire your pottery in a campfire. Learn the uses of the plants and trees that surround you and how you can benefit and help each other. Discover local sources of rock for tools and learn to flintknap arrow and spear points. Process cordage from plant sources, make fire from friction, weave hammocks and nets, tan hides, make tools from stone, bone and antler, build bows and craft arrows, learn the language of the birds and discover the meaning of the concentric rings of nature that surround us always.
If you have a passion for the skills of our ancient ancestors and have been looking for a place to live and learn and practice and perfect Primitive Skills, Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival, the Feral Human Project™ is what you have been waiting for!

* Participants will be required to obtain all licenses and abide by all fish & game laws.


Sustainable Lifeways & Earth-wise Living

Raised garden beds

It's not hard to see the many ways in which our modern world has gotten out of balance. There is no doubt that we are living in an age of transition and transformation. So many people have become separated from the land, their food, the very Earth which gives us live and sustains us. As the world around you changes, will you be prepared to change with it?
The Feral Human Project™ provides you with a perfect opportunity to learn to live sustainably in an earth-wise manner. During your time here you may choose to learn how to build with locally harvested materials. To tend and steward beneficial wild plants for their nutrititive, medicinal and utilitarian uses. Learn about the importance of beneficial insects and fungi to a healthy eco-system. Open natural springs, brings ponds back to health and create water-catchements for drought. Wisteria basketDiscover "Companion" gardening and other non-chemical ways in which to deal with garden pests. Build and plant low-water gardens that require fewer natural resources. Practice aquaponics for sustainable and symbiotic food and water sourcing. Understand the impact of invasive species on an eco-system and how to remove and replace them without chemcials, restoring the natural balance of an area. Learn to harvest, store and preserve your food for the coming seasons, both with and without heat or electricity. Make baskets and containers from natural materials gathered off the landscape. Make and use natural plant dyes and all-natural, chemical-free soaps. Identify, harvest, prepare and consume wild edible plants in every season and create your own medicinal preparations, including tinctures, salves, syrups, teas and more from organic and wild-crafted medicinal plants.
A part of the New Jersey Stewardship Forest program, Practical Primitive is continually working toward forest health, sustainability and earth-wise living. If you are feeling called to learn how to live lighter on the land, to live as a part of nature, not apart from nature, then you are who we created this program for!


Program Particulars

Archery Practice
Program Length: One week to a full year — Whatever fits your schedule!

Deadlines: Submit your request at least 1 month prior to your preferred start date if possible. We will notify you as to whether your requested time is available.*

All Programs Include: - Guaranteed spot in 1-, 2- & 3-day workshops
- Regular one-on-one mentoring time.
- Parking, shop, tools & a whole lot of woods!

Residential Program:

Includes Housing with full access to kitchen, laundry, wifi and parking
Programs shorter than one month: $500 per week
Programs 1 month or longer: $1500 per month

Non-residential Program: Programs shorter than one month: $300 per week
Programs 1 month or longer: $750 per month

(*Non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space.)

Feral Human Project Residential Program Application

If you're ready to follow your passion and love, learn and LIVE your skills then we want to hear from you! Please fill out the form below thoughtfully and in it's entirety. If you have ANY questions please call or e-mail Eddie and Julie. We want to hear from you!

The Feral Human Project is currently Accepting Applications for 2017!

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