Practical Primitive Workshop Registration

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You can register for your Practical Primitive workshop any of the following ways:

ONLINE: Click on the "Add to Cart" button below the description of the workshop you want to attend. (You can find out what workshops are coming up by checking out our Workshop Schedule.) Once you are ready to check out you can pay for your workhsops using any credit or debit card. (We use PayPal as the secure server for our online transactions -- You do NOT need to have a PayPal account, or to use that account if you have one.)

BY PHONE: Call Julie at 908-637-8137 and register for your workshop(s) over the phone using your credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, and any ATM card with the Visa or MasterCard symbol.

BY MAIL: Click on this link for our Printable Registration Form and choose the "Open With Acrobat" option. (You may also choose the "Save File" option, just remember where you saved the file to!) When the form opens, click on the "Print" icon near the top left of the page, or choose "File", "Print" to print a copy. Fill out the entire form and mail it the address on the form, along with your check or credit card information. We will let you know by e-mail when your registration has arrived. (Please note that if your registration arrives after the workshop you have chosen has filled your check will be returned.)

Workshop Information

(See our full FAQs page for additional information on workshops.)

What time do workshops begin and end?
One-day workshops: Begin at 9am and finish up around 5pm in the Fall and Winter, and around 6pm in the Spring & Summer.
Mulit-day workshops: Begin at 9am the first morning and run until about 9pm, finishing up between 5pm and 6pm the final day.

Where can I stay during a multi-day workshop, or if I am attending two or three workshops in a row?
You are more than welcome to stay here on site overnight. There is plenty of room on the property to pitch a tent or hang a hammock, but if you do not have a tent, or if the weather turns cold or nasty, you may bring a sleeping bag/pad/pillow and crash inside the house. If you prefer more of the comforts of home there are several reasonably-priced hotels and B&Bs in Hackettstown, about 15 mintues away. We would be happy to provide you with their information upon request.

Is there an age limit?
Our workshops are for adults only and you must be at least 18 years old to attend. There is no upper age limit and so long as you feel able to participate we encourage you to attend!

Can I bring my child(ren) along if they don't take the workshop?
No, children are not permitted to accompany you to your workshop. We do not have daycare facilities available and even the most well-behaved children need to be watched and tended throughout the day. This results in an unfair distraction, albeit and unintended one, for both the parent(s) and other workshop participants, as well as for the instructor(s). If you feel unable to attend a workshop without your child(ren), there are many family programs available at other schools that will better accommodate your needs. Our workshops are for adults only, and we do not make exceptions.

Q. Do I need to bring my own tools/materials/food
A. We provide all the tools and materials for your workshops. There are occasionally a couple of easy-to-obtain items it would be helpful for you to bring with you (i.e., a knife) however we always have extras you can borrow if needed. As a courtesy, we offer meals during workshop hours, but you are more than welcome to bring whatever snacks or drinks you like. If you have special dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian, gluten) you must let us know at least a week in advance. We do our best to accommodate when possible.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are staying for a couple of one-day workshops in a row please be aware that meals are available during the workshop only. You will be on your own for dinner/breakfast and we will be happy to direct you to local food establishments.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your registration for a workshop your tuition may or may not be refundable, depending on the time and circumstances.

The workshop is still open (the maximum allowable number of students has not been reached and we are still accepting registrations) and:
it is more than 14 days in advance of the workshop date we will either refund your tuition or transfer it to a future workshop.
   • it is 4-13 days in advance of the workshop date we will hold your tuition and transfer it to any other workshop within 6 months.
   • it is 3 days or less in advance of the workshop tuition will not be transferred or refunded.

The workshop is full and has been closed (the maximum allowable number of students has been reached and we are no longer accepting registrations):
   • tuition will be refunded ONLY if we are able to fill your space, either from the waiting list or through re-opened registration.

(Please Note: Deposits are only transferable once. If you cancel your transfered registration the amount becomes forfeit.)

If you have any questions about registering for a workshop or abour our Cancellation Policy pleae feel free to Contact Us any time. We will be happy to answer them for you!

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