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9 Step Knapping DVD

9 Step Knapping: Flintknapping Made Easy

 6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Simple Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everybody!

Go back-to-basics with this simple-to-follow, easy-to-replicate reduction sequence developed by 25-year veteran knapper, Eddie Starnater. Eddie has been teaching his unique and innovative 9 Step Knapping™ process to Practical Primitive students since 2006 — allowing brand new knappers to produce usable bifaces in a single day!

Whether you are a novice knapper just getting started or someone who has been knapping for a while but are frustrated with your current results, the 9 Step Knapping™ method will have you creating beautifully shaped and thinned points in no time.

Come along for the journey as Practical Primitive’s Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin break the ancient art of flintknapping down into 6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Simple Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone! (Includes Bonus Feature: Arrow Points from Bottle Bottoms)

Acorn DVD

Acorn: Processing & Preparing the Forgotten Food

Fast & Easy Methods of Processing & Preparing Acorn in Your Own Kitchen!
80 minutes of step-by-step instruction on gathering, processing & leaching acorn, quickly and easily in your kitchen. PLUS you’ll see detailed examples of five of our favorite acorn recipes to make at home.

Turning acorns into flour is a much easier than you realize. Using simple cold-water leaching, Eddie & Julie show you how to quickly and easily prepare acorn in your own kitchen.

Starting with gathering, drying and storage, our step-by-step instructions show you multiple methods for turning your acorns into flour in mere hours, then how to successfully add it into almost any recipe, including five of our favorites that you can replicate at home.

Delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, and filled with protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, it’s time to learn just how simple processing and preparing this forgotten food can be!

Also available On Demand!

Want More Recipes? Check out our book Acorn: Recipes for the Forgotten Food!

Principles of Natural Camouflage DVD

Principles of Natural Camouflage: The Science of Invisibility

Understanding Baseline is Awareness
Blending with Baseline is Camouflage
Manipulating Baseline is Invisibility

There’s a lot more to camouflage than simply “mudding up”. During this 8-video course you’ll learn about:

  • The Principles of Dead Space
  • How to disappear and remain unnoticed
  • How our eyes and brain work together to perceive our environment, and how to take advantage of that perception
  • The 9 “S-entials” of Camouflage
  • How to apply natural materials for camouflage

And much more!
Filled with photos of actual students in natural camo for the first time, this 1 hour course will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world around you!

Shelter Building Principles DVD

Shelter Building Principles: Wilderness Shelters from Natural Materials

The “Rule of 3’s” tells us that a person can only survive for 3 hours without shelter. Every shelter, from an expedient survival bivouac to a semi-permenant dwelling, can be created using the principles explained in this seminar.
You will also explore heat loss and heat gain mechanisms for the human body and discover how to counter and/or take advantage of them as you construct the most appropriate shelter for virtually any environment.

Many different construction styles, materials and techniques are discussed, from single-person grass shelters to semi-permanent group shelters to snow huts and quinzees. You will learn how to create virtually any shelter type, from simple to elaborate, based on your needs, the number of people and your available resources.

What Am I Preparing For DVD

Emergency Preparedness: What Am I Preparing For?

Drawing on over a decade of experience using and modifying other journals, Eddie & Julie have created this specialty 365-day notebook, designed for observing nature in all its forms — plants, animals, insects, birds, even your garden. You’ll have space for every day, as well as monthly and yearly summary pages and a special cross-reference section. So grab your Nature Notebook, and prepare to be amazed by the world that surrounds you!

The GO Bag DVD

The "GO" Bag: Preparing For Emergencies at Home & Away

Emergency situations occur every day and being prepared just makes sense! Your “GO” Bag is your main mobile emergency kit and in this video we discuss the specific “just-in-case” items that should be included, why each one is important, and the many ways in which they can all be used.

There’s no need to spend big bucks purchasing a pre-made kit, or in putting your own “GO” Bag together. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised how many items you already have scattered around your home! You just need to pull them all together and know how to use them.

You never know when or where an emergency may occur, which is why, as the name implies, this kit should be with you everywhere you GO!