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As we are settling in to our new location and building it out to be the primitive and sustainable facility that we have
been envisioning for so long, there are certain projects that we will be doing only once.
Many of these projects involve skills we have been asked about many, many times and so we wanted to take
this opportunity to offer these One-Time-Only workshops as we build, create or re-hab all the newest elements of
our Practical Primitive Facility.
We hope you'll be able to join us in these unique opportunites!


Baby Rabbit

››NEW! Seeps & Springs: Uncovering the Water of Life

Back in October we were on our very first "wander" on our new property and were exploring what looked like it may have been an old pond at one time. As we worked our way up the hill, following the moisture in the earth and the water-indicating plants and trees we were THRILLED to discover that we had ourselves a Spring! Due to the many more pressing projects that come along with moving in to a new space we have had to content ourselves with knowing it was there — overgrown and silted in, but there!
But come this spring, once the snow is melted and the ground has thawed we invite you to join us for this one-time-only workshop where we will open up our Spring, clean out the Spring box, clear away the plants and fallen trees and brush and vines that have blocked the water's way for who knows how long, and bring our Spring (and hopefully, by extension, the pond) back to life!
In addition to uncovering this Spring, you will learn how to seek out and discover Springs of your own, as well as how, where and when to dig a Seep to provide fresh water for you and animals with whom you share the area.
We have been waiting all Winter for this one, and look forward to having you join us in this wonderful day where we Uncover the Water of Life at the Hacienda!

  ›› Sorry, the date for this workshop has passed. If we offer a similar course in the future we'll let you know. ‹‹


Outdoor Kitchen››NEW! Creating an Outdoor "Primitive" Kitchen

No food tastes so good as that cooked (and eaten!) outdoors. And since the time has come to re-build our backyard kitchen we wanted to invite you to see how it's done from the ground up! We will be constructing an new and larger horno (clay oven) from scratch, as well as re-buiding our "multi-kitchen" in a new spot. It bakes, broils, frys, sautees and boils, has a spot for a rotisserie, a space for skewers and kabobs, and makes some GREAT coals for cooking on too!

We won't be using any special materials or expensive tools, and each element of the kitchen will be simple enough to create on it's own so that you will be able to pick and choose the elements that best suit your backyard/camping area to re-create when you get home.
And if you can, stick around for the next day's Campground Cooking workshop to enjoy the delicous fruits of your labors in comfort and style!


 ›› Sorry, the date for this workshop has passed. If we offer a similar course in the future we'll let you know. ‹‹


Primitive Earth Kiln

››NEW! Constructing a Primitive Kiln

As anyone who has been to the Primitive Pottery workshop knows, Eddie has been working with pottery for a long time. He built his first primitive Earth Kiln back in the mid-90's and wrote an article about the experience for Wilderness Way Magazine a year later.
Now that we are finally getting settled into our permanent home it is time to build a new Earth Kiln, and we thought you might like to see how he does it!

Not completely satisfied with more "traditional" primitive firing methods where he was not able to control all the variables as well as he would have liked, Eddie began experimenting with primitive kiln designs that were constructed with only locally available materials — mud, sticks and straw. We still have some of the pieces he fired in that kiln, and are looking forward to putting all that knowledge derived from experience back to use in the creation and construction of the new Kiln, and we hope you'll join us in learning this whole new method of primitive firing!

 ›› Sorry, the date for this workshop has passed. If we offer a similar course in the future we'll let you know. ‹‹


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