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Wild Violets The Wonderful World of Plants & Their Medicines

(Now Available In Person OR Online!)

Plant Medicine is Not Magic!

Wild Medicinal Plants can provide remedies for bites, stings, headaches, poison ivy, cuts, fevers colds, flu, sore throat, and much, much more.

Unlock the safe and powerful scientific compounds, constituents and essential elements that provide proven relief for common ailments!


Discovering Nature's Pharmacy 4 Month Skills Intensive
Upcoming Session: January – April, 2020
Location: Practical Primitive, Great Meadows, NJ
Tuition: $400 ($100 Deposit required to secure your place.)
In Person:  One Sunday each month

Online: 2-hour evening session each week
(See Scheduled Dates Below)



Wild Medicinal Plants can provide you with remedies for everything from mosquito bites, headaches and poison ivy to cuts and fevers, colds and flu, and so much more. Many of the drugs you buy at the pharmacy or are perscribed by your doctor have their original roots in the medicinal properties of the common herbs and spices you use in cooking and in the pesky "weeds" that grow right outside your door. You will learn not only how to identify these powerhouses of natural medicine, but also how to discern what ailments the plant will treat and how to best extract and use each medicinal property. You will use plants "straight from the ground" as well as make your own tinctures, salves, oils and syrups to expand and diversify your home medicine cabinet. EVERY plant you learn will be safe and simple to identify and use. Mullein Flowers

Plant Medicines Are Not Magic! There is a mistaken idea out there that "natural" medicines are a mixture of magic, fairy dust and wishful thinking. Nothing could be further form the truth! The medicines within plants are just as scientifically sound as those in pharmceuticals, provided you know how to access them. During this program you will discover exactly what those properties are, how they affect the systems of your body, and how to access them for their best, most powerful use. You'll make your own oils, tinctures, salves, lotions, teas... whatever method will be most suitable and effective manner of use for each ailment. Whether for skin ailments, lung/breathing problems, common everyday colds and flu, chronic conditions or immediate needs, plants can provide you with powerful medicinal compounds to assist you.

Over the four months of this program you will get to know dozens of different medicinal plants, the powerful compounds withint them, and how to extract and use them. By "get to know" we don't just mean recognize it in a field guide. You will find, identify, harvest, process and use each and every plant; discovering its many wonders and abilities and how we - human and plant - can benefit and help each other.

"Herbalism is an art that evolved over centuries aroune people and people's needs. It only makes sense that people would use what they had available, in the kitchen or in the backyard. Many of the most common plants are still our best and most popular remedies for common ailments. So without even knowing it, you may already be a practitioner of
herbal home medicine."
— Rosemary Gladstar



Our Plant Kingdom allies are everywhere around us, in the wild and beautiful meadows and the deep darkness of the forest, in front yards and city parks and soccer fields and garden beds, in the cracks of sidewalks and roads and paved over parking lots. Be it country, suburb or inner city, everywhere you turn a plant ally is there.

In the past we have focused more heavily on Wild Edible Plants, but this program we will be dedicated exclusively to the amazing and wonderful world of Plant Medicines. So many common ailments and chronic conditions can be dealt with, cured or managed using safe and proven medicines derived at home from powerful plants, including many you already have on your spice rack or are pulling out of your garden as "weeds".

Join us for this amazing four month journey into a world that our ancestors knew so intimately, but that we have now all but forgotten. Without plants we can not stay healthy. Without plants we can not breathe. Without plants, we can not survive. Discover this amazing Kingdom that lives side-by-side with our own.
Discover Nature's Pharmacy!


Scheduled Dates and Registration

Scheduled dates for the "Discovering Nature's Pharmacy" 4 Month Skills Intensive
Infused Oils

In Person Dates:

Sunday January 5
Sunday February 2
Sunday March 8
Sunday April 5

All Sundays begin at 9am and finish up by 5pm.

   Online Program:

2-hour LIVE online session each week, beginning Wednesday January 8th at 7pm.

(Dates will vary so they are not the same night every week.)

Recordings will be available beginning the following day.

4 Payments of $100

Choose Progarm

2 Payments of $200

Choose Program

Register in Full  $400

Choose Program

Option 1: Four equal monthly payments of $100
Option 2: Two equal monthly payments of $200
Option 3: Pay in Full

If you have any questions about
Discovering Nature's Pharmacy: The World of Plant Medicines
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