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Nature Notebook:

Yearly Observations Journal


By Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater


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Your Specialized 365-day Nature Journal for Observing plants, animals, birds, insects & more.
A place for every day of the year and for every thing you see!


Soba-style Acorn Noodles From the Back of the Book:
Your 365 day-Nature Observations Journal!
Begin a fascinating journey down the road to becoming a part OF Nature, rather than apart from it. Discover how, by opening all of your senses to what is going on around you, and by recording those observations, you will begin to understand the incredible interconnected web that is that Natural World. You'll realize how alive the entire earth truly is, and how you fit within the amazing web of life that surrounds you.

Whether you live out in the country, in the middle of a subdivision or in a high-rise apartment downtown, Nature is there; we can not exist without it. Your Nature Notebook is designed to help you get closer to nature by increasing your overall awareness of the natural world and surrounding ecosystems. You'll learn to recognize both patterns and anomalies, and thanks to recording your oberservations, you will have the ability to look back over time to notice changes in weather, climate, and plant and animal movements year after year. Great for every home, as well as classrooms and homeschooling!



Drawing on more than a decade of experience using and modifying other journals, Eddie & Julie have created this specialty 365-day notebook, designed especially for observing nature in all its forms — plants, animals, insects, birds, even your garden. You'll have a space for every day, as well as monthly and yearly summary pages and a special cross-reference section at the back. So grab your Nature Notebook, start observing and recording, and prepare to be amazed by the world that surrounds you!


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