Practical Primitive — The Symbolism Behind Our Logo

We've had so many comments on our new logo that we wanted to share the symbolism that lies behind it.

Each element of the design has a special significance to Eddie and was chosen purposefully.
We hope that knowing a little more about our logo will give you some further insight into us.

Practical Primitive Logo

The Sun

The sun has long been a symbol of knowledge, teaching and enlightenment — the light which drives away the darkness of ignorance. It is also a gift of the Creator, to which all life owes it's existence, and a symbol of the Medicine Wheel.

The Seven Rays of the Sun

The sun's rays represent the seven generations yet to come, to whom all of our actions and thoughts should be directed. How will the desicions and choices that we make today affect the great-grandchildren of our great-grandchildren?

The Five-Pointed Star

A nod to Texas, where Eddie was born, raised, and first began to learn the sacred ways of the Earth, and to the Starnater name.

The Thunderbird

Taken from a petroglyph Eddie saw in a canyon on the Colorado/New Mexico/Oklahoma border, which touched him deeply. The Thunderbird is considered to be a servant of the Creator, and in this logo is looking to the East (the direction associated with the seeking of knowledge).

The Four Feathers on the Right Wing

The Four Teaching Directions: North for strength and endurance, the hope of renewal and the purity of a new path; East is the place of wisdom, where the rising sun drives away the darkness of ignorance; South, where, with our feet firmly planted in the soils of Earth Mother, we learn to live close to her and see the beauty of those small things that others pass by; West, the Great Black Bear, the bounty of the wild, the search within ourselves for truth and passion and happiness of a life well lived.

The Four Feathers on the Left Wing

The Four Seasons of each year: Spring for Rebirth, the seeking of new knowledge and the resurgence of hope; Summer for the fruition of all that we have planted and learned and allowed to grow within us and our communitites; Fall for the passing on of what we have learned to those that will come after us; Winter for the silent contemplation that comes with Wisdom, the quiet time as we wait to see what will become of the fruits of our labors.

The Eight Feathers of the Thunderbird

Without balance, we cannot succeed.

The Handprint

There is an Anasazi cave in Southern Utah that is filled with the handprints of those who made that land there home thousands of years ago. This hand is representative of those who came before, and the wisdom and the teachings they left for us. Placed in the center of the Thunderbird as a symbol of the new hope we begin to feel as we integrate their knowledge and wisdom into our very being.

The Arrow Point

The arrow point that make up the Thunderbird's body and tail remind us of the Earth, from which all life arises, and through which all life is connected. Flintknapping is Eddie's most impassioned skill — the Stone People have taught hmi so much in this life. Also a reminder of the Grandfathers of Wisdom, and of Patience.