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After 13 amazing and wonderful years of running full-time, year-round workshops here in northern New Jersey, Eddie & Julie have decided it is time for Practical Primitive to be moving on. We'll be shutting our doors here in Great Meadows at the end of May, and making our way to our new home, near Bowling Green, Kentucky, about an hour north of Nashville, TN.
We'll be changing things up once we're moved, offering a lot more online programs and fewer in person workshops. We'll still be attending and teaching at events and gatherings, and our online store will still be open for books and DVDs and everything else, but after twenty years of teaching, Eddie is ready to spend less time working and more time fishing with the grandkids and wandering the woods and hitting on rock and working with wood, all for just the shear pleasure of it.
We're working on our new courses & programs that we are so excited to begin offering very soon. We'll also be starting a brand new blog and a new podcast, dedicated to helping you understand the science and principles behind the skills of survival and traditional living. We'll be blending the most ancient of skills with the most modern of technologies, bringing in science as the fifth spirit -- the fifth element -- that is the bridge between humans and magic.
We know it will be a big transition for all of you, as it will be for us as well. But it is a positive step forward for us, after several very difficult years. We've endured much loss recently, and it's time to once again start living our lives to the fullest, to expanding our horizons, to learning, experiencing and discovering life anew. To all our incredible students, we appreciate your friendship, your patronage and your constancy throughout the years, and we look forward to serving you in brand new ways. And if you're ever in south-central KY, stop by and say hi!

P.O. Box 403
Auburn, KY

Temporary Phone: 312-375-4795
(Our new business phone number will be established next week.




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