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Flintknapping & Stone Tools

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Making Knapping Tools

››NEW! Making Your Flintknapping Tool Kit: Copper Boppers & Pressure Flakers

Copper boppers and pressure flakers are the basis of every modern knappers tool kit. Making flintknapping tools isn't difficult, but it does require specialized tools and equipment, and if you don't do it just right, that copper head can end up flying off the end of the bopper — and you do NOT want that!
During this workshop you will make your own large and medium wood-handled copper boppers for percussion knapping, as well as a copper-tipped pressure flaker with whatever length of handle works best for you. We provide all the tools and materials, and go through the process step-by-step with you. Whether you are a new knapper making your first took kit, or an experienced knapper who wants to learn to "do it yourself", join us for this great day and take your very own knapping tools home with you at the end of the day!

September 1 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full




Dacite Biface

9 Step Knapping : Flintknapping Made Easy

6 Rules — 4 Exercises — 9 Simple Steps
Eddie's own 9 Step Knapping program will take you step-by-step through the shaping and reduction process and have you making useable bifaces by the end of the day.
You'll start by learning the 6 Rules that govern all flintknapping, and why they are important. Then you will learn and practice the 4 incredibly important exercises that Eddie has personally developed to teach you where and how to strike to remove exactly what you want. These 4 exercises alone will take YEARS off of your knapping practice!
Lastly, you will learn and follow The 9 Steps — Eddie's own exclusively crafted reduction sequence that makes Flintknapping Easy for Everyone!
Eddie spent over 5 years perfecting his 9 Step Knapping program; breaking flintknapping down to core principles that anyone can understand and everyone can replicate. You'll go farther in this one day than you ever dreamed possible, and take your understanding of this ancient art to a whole new level!
Whether you are a novice knapper just getting started or someone who has been knapping for a while but are frustrated with your current results, this 9 Step Knapping workshop will have you creating beautifully shaped and thinned points in no time!
NOTE: In single-day versions of this workshop pressure flaking will not be covered — there just isn't enough time!

Video:  Follow along as Eddie goes step-by-step through one of his favorite drills for learning how to deal with square edges!
Student Comments:  Read what past students of this workshop have to say.

October 20 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit (1 Space Re-Opened!)
Pay in Full



Workshops Below Are Not on the Current Schedule — Keep Checking Back to See When They Are Offered!


Glass Arrow Points

Arrow Points: Bottle Bottoms & Beyond

Experience for yourself the knapping techniques demonstrated in our popular "Arrow Points from Bottle Bottoms" video. You'll learn all of the basic techniques needed make the most of this readily available, free and renewable resource. Discover the secrets of this specific reduction strategy that will allow you to make functional arrow points that are lethal as well as beautiful. By the end of the day you will have a solid basis in knapping skills that you will be able to transfer over to other materials.
Equipment is provided, although students may bring their own tool kits, and are encouraged to bring examples of previous knapping projects.

The Video:  Watch as Julie creates a beautiful green arrow point from a glass bottle bottom. (With Eddie's notching assistance of course!)

February 11 $95 Great Meadows, NJ Date Passed $47 Deposit



Hoko Knife››NEW! Simple Stone Knives: Hoko Knife & Neolithic Neck Knife

Flintknapped knife blades hafted into antler handles look awesome, but were rarely used in everyday life. Why go to all that work when a much simpler knife would do just as well?! During this workshop you will make two simple stone knives, the Hoko Knife and a Neolithic Neck Knife, that can be used for a wide variety of tasks.
The original Hoko Knife was found at an archaeological site in Washington (near the Hoko River) where a village existed about 2700 years ago. Easy to make, simple to use and practical to have on hand, this excellent stone tool has been re-created ever since it was discovered in the early 1970s. You will make your own Hoko knife with materials you gather, and secure it with natural cordage and Birch Tar. The Neolithic Neck Knife is the simplest of stone tools, and was extremely popular in northern Europe during the Neolithic Era. An "everyday" knife for our ancient ancestors, you'll make both the knife and the sheath in which to carry it. 2 - 6 pm

July 20 $45 Great Meadows, NJ Date Passed Pay in Full


Rock Spalls

Making & Using Stone Tools

Your "Silent Partner" in a survival situation, stone is your most important ally when it comes to living with the land and understanding the fundamentals of the way rock works will make your time in the woods far more comfortable and infinitely safer.
Stone blades, axes, saws, adzes and many other tools can often work just as well, or even better than, their steel counterparts — provided you know how to use them!
During this workshop you will learn the differences between working with stone vs. steel and the secrets of getting the best performace out of your stone tools to accomplish most any task. You will learn how to take a flake off a larger piece of stone, how to keep it sharp and how to create specialty edges, such as serations, to work many different projects from cutting branches to scraping hides to working with wood. This great day will give you the chance to fully understand Scott Silsby's excellent observation, "Primitive means first, not worst".

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Obsidian Points

››NEW! Pressure Flaking

Often one of the most daunting aspects of Flintknapping to practice on your own, pressure flaking is the gateway to the world of the lithic arts. In this workshop you will get hands-on and explore the many aspects of pressure flaking that are used to finish a variety of tools, including arrow points and knife blades of all sizes. You will learn notching strategies, fluting technology, production of prismatic blades, and micro-flaking, as well as applications for producing jewelry and other eccentric pieces.
Equipment is provided, although Students may bring their own tool kits, and are encouraged to bring examples of previous knapping projects.

July 14 $95 Great Meadows, NJ Sorry, this workshop is now FULL.
Contact Us to be placed on the Waiting List.



Dacite spear points

Flintknapping: Shaping, Thinning & Fixing Mistakes

If you have learned the basics of flintknapping and are frustrated with your points not turning out the way you want, then this is the right course for you. In this workshop you'll learn how to improve your shaping and thinning progress, and find out how to deal with those annoying problem areas like stacks, hinges and step fractures. You'll find out why your points are breaking when and where you don't expect, and gain a more complete understanding of how energy travels through stone, which will allow you to produce larger, more consistent bifaces. You'll also practice shaping your edges using both percussion and pressure flaking, and learn more about creating notches and putting shaving-sharp edges on your points.
Equipment will be provided, although Students are encouraged to bring their own tool kits, and examples of previous knapping projects.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a beginner workshop. In order to attend you must already be able to produce a shaped and thinned biface. If you are interested in learning the basics of flintknapping please check out our 9 Step Knapping workshops. Thanks!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Advanced Flintknapping

This specialty class is for those who have already learned to make a biface with at least a 5:1 width-to-thickness ratio. Learn advanced thinning techniques, Fluting technology, Prismatic Blade technology, Advanced Notching, and the production of Eccentrics. You will take your skills and understanding of how energy travels from a fundamental level to a virtual communion with the stone.
Equipment is provided, although Students may bring their own tool kits, and are encouraged to bring examples of previous knapping projects.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Advanced Level workshop. In order to attend you will be required to submit photos of your current work to ensure that you are already capable of producing the necessary starting pieces. If you are interested in learning how to flintknap, or have been frustrated with your beginning attempts, please check out our 9 Step Knapping workshops. Thanks!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


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