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Join us Labor Day Weekend for our 1st Annual KNAP CAMP!

Saturday August 31 — Monday September 2

We haven't been able to get to Flint Ridge the last couple of years, so decided it was high time to start a brand new Labor Day weekend knapping tradition right here in New Jersey.
We hope you'll join us!


What is Knap Camp?

A flintknaping workshop with the fun and easy-going atmosphere of a knap-in, Knap Camp is three days of flintknapping, food and fun. Because the teaching will be more free-flowing than a traditional knapping workshop, you can come for 1 or 2 or all 3 days — it's your choice!
Knap Camp will be based entirely on what you as a Knap Camper need help with at the time. Can't figure out how to make your flakes travel farther? Don't have the knack of pressure flaking? Ready to try fluting your first Clovis point? Knap Camp is the place to learn! Whether you are a complete novice, an experienced knapper, or somewhere in between, ALL SKILL LEVELS are welcome at Knap Camp!
If there is one thing that Eddie has learned over the years, it's that the more people you knap with, the better knapper you become and the faster you learn. Knap Camp is an opportunity for flintknappers of all skill levels to sit down together around the knapping pit and spend the weekend knapping and learning and knapping and talking and knapping and eating and knapping and playing music and knapping and laughing and knapping and knapping and knapping!
KnappingYou will also have the opportunity to participate in several different seminars on topics that we have never covered in any Practical Primitive workshop, including Primitive Heat-treating, Making Copper Boppers and Making Pressure Flakers & Ishi Sticks and more. (Have an topic you'd like to see as a seminar? Let us know!)

What's Included at Knap Camp?

Just like with every other Practical Primitive workshop, we will provide all the tools and materials you'll need. If you already have a knapping kit you like to use and rock you want to work, great! Bring it along! If not, we'll have tools available for you to use and rock ready and waiting to be hit.
We will also provide all the food for the weekend — and it will be yummy! We plan to be eating well this weekend, because good knapping requires lots of tasty sustenance! You can camp here on site — there's plenty of room on the property to pitch a tent or hang a hammock — and you'll have access to water and facilities in the main house.
KnappingRemember, Knap Camp is more than just a workshop, it's a time for people who love to knap to get together and hang out both in and out of the knapping pit. There will be lanterns lit as the sun goes down so you can keep knapping after dinner. Or, if you need a break in the evening we'll have campfires (feel free to bring your guitars or other instruments!) to hang around after dark and marshmallows to toast (yes, that DOES mean S'mores). And if we get the new Lodge finished by then, we may even have a Sunday evening sweatlodge, if you're interested.

Knap Camp is a chance for all of us who love flintknapping to get together and sit around and knap. A chance to get in some "dirt time". A chance to ask your questions and learn from both Eddie and your fellow Knap Campers. Knap Camp is a great place to spend your holiday weekend!

Pressure Flaking

Knap Camp Officially Begins:
Saturday August 31 @ 10am

Knap Camp Officially Ends:
Monday September 2 @ 4pm

Eccentric point

However... Practical Primitive will be open for camping set-up and early knapping as of mid-afternoon Friday, and folks can stick around to knap as long as they like on Sunday. (Or until it's too dark to see!)

THERE ARE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPACES so sign up for Knap Camp today!


Aug 31 - Sept 2 $295 Great Meadows, NJ
$147 Deposit
Pay in Full

Can't make it for all three days? You can also sign up for any 1 or 2 days of Knap Camp!

1 Day Registration 2 Day Registration
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Which Day Are You Coming?
Secure with a Deposit or Pay in Full
Which Days Are You Coming?

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