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Intensive Skills Programs

An alternative to the "randomness" of individual classes, the specially designed curriculum for each Intensive Skills Program provides a wholistic experience to both the learning and the teaching process, through which you will increase your knowledge and abilities exponentially. But even more important, you will gain a thorough and visceral understanding of the connections between the skills.

Designed to be practical for almost anyone participate, these programs will NOT require you to quit your job, be away from your family or uproot your life.

World of the Hunter-Gatherer

Weapons: Tools of the Hunter

Ultimate Hunter: Spirit of the Hunt

Hunter-Gatherer Birch Bark Longhouse
Weapons of the Hunter
Hunter in Natural Camouflage

Delve deeply into the skills and resources
needed to thrive in a Hunter-Gatherer
lifestyle. Learn in a wholistic manner,
leaving the randomness of individual skills
behind. Discover a whole new way of
truly becoming a part of the world
around us all and test what you have
learned in the week-long survival outing
that is the culmination of the program.

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Throughout the ages the weapons of the
Hunter have changed, but their goal has
remained the same: to protect and feed
the Tribe. Taking lessons from Hunters
around the world, you will learn to make
and to wield a variety of traditional
weapons, and a few more modern ones
as well, including Throwing Sticks, Throwing
Knives, Tomahawks, Slings, Atlatls, Blow
Guns, Bows, Staffs, Spears and more.

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Immerse yourself into those skills which were second nature to the ancient hunter: Stalking, camouflage, tracking, trailing, awareness, patterning & more.
Learn to use silence, stealth, strategy
and concelament to get closer to your animal than ever before.
Whether you hunt with a camera, a
firearm, a bow, atlatl or stick, this
program will provide you with the tools, skills and strategies to get close to any animal, any where at any time.

for the 2018 Program!

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The Heart of the Guardian

The World of the Bow

Secrets in the Stone

Guardian, Guide, Protector of the People
Eddie shooting his self bow with stone-tipped arrows
Obsidian Biface


Protect, Provide, Persevere and Prevail
are the watch-words for this program. Learn to Protect yourself & your loved ones during an emergency, Provide, both through advance preparations and "using what you have", build and maintain the mindset required to  Persevere through adversity and Prevail to emerge safely from emergency situations.
This program is NOT based on some apocalyptic prophecy of doom. You will learn from real-life experiences to help you better comprehend the realities of surviving a crisis, examine realistic emergency situations to learn what you could & should do to keep safe, and what you can do to give you and your family the strategic advantage. All while building the bonds of Community & reinforcing a positive world in which we WANT to live!

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Building the perfect bow is a lifetime pursuit,
and making a truly great Arrow is even
more of an challenge! Beginning with
learning to read the bark of a bow-wood
tree, how to cut a stave, and what
"straight" really means when chosing an
arrow shaft, you will plunge full on into
these ancient and traditional arts.

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For millions of years stone sustained our
species; without it we simply would not
have survived. Let the ancient art of
Flintknapping guide your journey through
history as you go from creating the basic
tools of early man through to the advanced
flintknapping techniques of the Clovis and
Folsom cultures, and on to methods used
by modern knappers around the world.

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