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POTTERY: Gift of the Earth
Instructor Apprenticeship

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All around us, beneath our feet, clay is one of nature's greatest gifts. It provides us with shelter, purifies our water, is the basis for natural camouflage, and makes the vessels for our cooking, storage, food and drink.

Where most people see simple dirt, you will learn to see a life-sustaining substance that changed our world. Pottery; straight out of the ground, shaped by hand and forged in fire.

Discover the endless bounds of this amazing Gift of the Earth!

Gift of the Earth Skills Intensive
Upcoming Session: April – July, 2019
Location: Practical Primitive, Great Meadows, NJ
Tuition: $600 ($200 Deposit at Registration)
Dates:  April 27-28, May 18, June 23, July 13-14

Day LilliesEveryone who knows Eddie, knows how much he loves Pottery. It is one of his great passions, and has been for over 20 years. When Eddie started learning, there was no one to teach him. Everything he knows he has learned through experimentation, trial and a whole lot of error. He will proudly tell you the story of how, after digging a pond in his backyard in Texas, he spent the next year making, or rather trying to make, pots out of that giant pile of clay-rich dirt. He broke every single thing he made, but he never gave up. He kept making and trying and failing and learning, and it all turned him into the amazingly skilled primitive pottery he is today.

We have so many beautiful examples of the hundreds of pots Eddie has created and fired sitting casually all around our house here at Practical Primitive. Cooking pots, clay water filters, plates, bowls, cups, lanterns, rattles, clay storage vessels, clay canteens... pots that have been fired in campfires, pit fires, primitive kilns, wood stoves and backyard chimineas... pots that were dug, molded, fired and finished in as few as 6 hours... pots with fire clouds, beautiful colors, primitively-created designs, and with finishes so smooth and shiny you can not believe they haven't been glazed.

Eddie's PotteryHe makes pinch pots, coil pots (both round and flat coils) primitively cast pots and pots using his own "Wasp Woman" technique that allows him to make pottery out of clay that anyone else would say is not possible. He has processed clay out of the ground all across New Jersey, Texas, California, Colorado, Washington, Massachusetts, Florida, Nova Scotia and Ontario. His pottery and firing skills have been featured in magazine and newspaper articles and referenced in books. He is incredibly skilled, widely experienced and amazingly imaginative, and for the first time ever he is ready to pass along his knowledge to you.

During the four months of Pottery: Gift of the Earth, Eddie will take you through his entire history with clay. You will learn:

Firing Pots

Over the course of this program Eddie will be passing along to you his wealth of hard-earned knowledge. He will be sharing skills and methods that, in his over twenty years of making pottery, he has shared with only a bare handful of people. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take your own pottery skills to an entirely new level. Pottery is one of the most essential of primitive skills, as well as being a beautiful and graceful art.

Join us for this epic four month journey into a world that our ancestors knew so intimately, but that we have now all but forgotten. Without clay, without pottery, we would never have become the people, the civilization, that we are today. Discover beauty, the joy of Clay: the Gift of the Earth



Scheduled Dates and Registration

Day LilliesScheduled dates for "Pottery: Gift of the Earth"

Saturday April 27 - Sunday April 28
Saturday May 18
Sunday June 23
Saturday July 13- Sunday July 14

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