Feral Females:
Becoming a Wilderness Woman

Women in the Woods

Workshops for Women Only, Taught by a Female Instructor

Many women would like to learn outdoor skills, wilderness skills, survival skills, camping skills, how to take care of themselves and their families in any outdoor situation, but don't feel always comfortable in the sometimes 'testosterone-heavy' environment that exists in many "Survival" schools.

Our Feral Females: Becoming a Wilderness Woman workshops are designed especially for women and taught by a female instructor. We recognize that women tend to learn some skills differently than men, have different difficulties and different priorities than men, and many will feel more comfortable asking those questions from a female instructor. Women are always welcome and always encouraged at ALL of our Practical Primitive workshops, but if you would prefer to learn in a group of supportive women we look forward to having you join us on our journey to Becoming a Wilderness Woman!
(If you have a suggestions for a skill or subject that you would like to see as a Feral Females workshop, please let us know!)



Chopping Wood

Feral Females: Outdoor Basics

If you've never spent much time in the woods, are an inexperienced camper or don't feel quite ready for the other workshops we offer, then look no further. This is a class designed especially for women with limited or no outdoor experience.
You'll learn the basics of camping and bushcraft, such as how to select a good camp site, how to set up a tent or choose a spot for a shelter, how to use a knife and a hatchet, how to chop firewood, how to build a fires quickly and easily every time, and how to bank and to extinguish your fire to leave your campsite safe.
You will also cook your lunch over an open fire, learn about basic outdoor hygeine, and how to spot and avoid common hazards to keep yourself and your family safe. We'll also talk about basic gear selection so you will feel confident in both what you need and what you don't need in order to have a great time outdoors without breaking the bank.
If you have ever wanted to spend more time outdoors but didn't feel confident, comfortable or capable or know where to start, then I look forward to helping you get started! (This workshop is for women 18 and over.)

May 31 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


Tinder bundle fire

Feral Females: All About Fire

The ability to make fire not just the most important of all the survival skills, it's also vital for camping in the woods or in a campground, for backyard marshmallow roasts and pefect winter nights in front of a fireplace. Fire is an amazing and beautiful thing. Fire provides warmth, shelter and safe water. Fire cooks our food and provides us with light, comfort and safety in the dark night. Fire is Magical.
But Fire is definitely NOT magic! By learning to understand the universal laws that dictate how and why fire comes into being, you too will gain the ability to make a roaring, smoke-free fire every single time!

During this workshop you will learn how and where to find good firewood, the differences between fuel wood, kindling and tinder, as well as how much of each one to use. You will learn and practice setting up a simple fire structure that can be lit with a lighter or single match, provides lots of heat and light and requires very little work to maintain. You will also learn why so many fires are smokey and how to fix that. Never again will you be frustrated or embarassed trying to build a fire, and no more needing a whole newspaper or lighter fluid to get or keep your fire going!
On top of all that, you will have the opportunity to learn how easy it really is to create fire by friction. Bowdrill is both simple and reliable, and you'll discover how you can quickly and easily create fire using this method. You will learn that "power" is unncessary, the vital importance of proper form, and how using materials that are properly sized to your body will make all the difference. Join me for this magical day of learning All About Fire. (This workshop is for women 18 & over.)

August 1 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


Tinder bundle fire

Feral Females: Beginner Flintknapping for Women

Flintknapping (making tools, arrowheads, points, scrapers and more from stone) is one of the most essential skills in the wilderness world. Plus, it's really fun, and an amazing experience to be able to make beautiful arrow points and your own tools from rock.
Women are the fastest-growing demographic in the world of flintknapping and if you have ever wondered if you could learn how, now is your chance! Form and technique will be stressed above strength or power, and you will quickly discover how easily you too can make make everything from arrow points to earrings out of hand-knapped stone.
Join me for this fun and empowering day in the "knapping pit" and learn how you can begin to learn the Secrets within the Stone. (This workshop is for women 18 & over.)

August 2 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


More Feral Females Workshops will be Scheduled Soon!

REMEMBER! We are looking to expand our Womens Workshops so if you have a suggestions for a skill or subject that you would like to see as a Feral Females workshop, please let us know!


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