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About Our Workshops

Learning to make a net

Q. What time do workshops begin and end?
A. Our workshops begin at 9am and finish up between 5pm and 6pm, depending on the workshop.

Q. What if it's a multi-day workshop?
A. For workshops that are more than one day we still begin at 9am on the first day, but continue our learning after dinner, finishing up the evenings at about 9pm. We begin again at 9am the following morning and finish up betwee 5pm and 6pm on the final day.

Q. Where can I stay during a multi-day workshop, or if I am attending two or three workshops in a row?
A. You are more than welcome to stay here on site overnight! There is plenty of room on the property to pitch a tent or hang a hammock, but if you do not have a tent, or if the weather turns cold or nasty, you may bring a sleeping bag/pad/pillow and crash inside the house.

Kati in the debris hut

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. Yes, our workshops are designed for adults and you must be at least 18 years old to attend.

Q. Can I bring my child(ren) along if they don't take the workshop?
A. No, children are not permitted to accompany you to your workshop.Our workshops are for adults only, and we do not make exceptions.

Q. Where do the workshops take place?
A. Unless otherwise indicated, all workshops take place at our main location near Great Meadows, NJ. Workshop taking place in Texas, Ontario and Skills 2 You workshops in other locations are clearly marked with their location on the schedule.

Q. Do I need to bring my own food?
A. As a courtesy, we offer meals during workshop hours. This allows us all to stay on location and keeps our schedule on better track than if everyone scattered for an hour in the middle of the day. You are, of course, more than welcome to bring whatever snacks or drinks you would like for the workshop. (If you have food allergies or are vegetarian you must let us know at least a week in advance so we can make arrangements.)
PLEASE NOTE: If you are staying for multiple workshops please be aware that meals are provided during the workshop only. You will be on your own for any between workshop meals and we will be happy to direct you to local food establishments. If you wish to bring food for dinner/breakfast we can not promise there will be fridge space available, so please bring a cooler.

"That was a really great class today.  In a five minute walk with the dog in the dark I found at least five of the plants we talked about. I can see the door into the plant world opening up... Thanks again for a great day!"
      — Louis Q.

Making grass mats

Q. When do you post your workshop schedule for the coming months?
A. We do our best to post our schedule for the coming season before the end of the current one. For instance, our Fall/Winter workshops are posted during the Summer, our Spring/Summer workshops are posted during the Winter, etc.

Q. Do you hold workshop in other locations?
A. Yes, we hold Skills 2 You workshops in places all across the U.S. and Canada. Past Skills 2 You workshops have taken place in Chicago, Nova Scotia, California, Oregon, Arkansas, Toronto, Boston and several other cities and towns around the Northeastern U.S. and Ontario. If you are interested in hosting a Skills 2 You workshop let us know! We generally book them a minimum of 4 months in advance.

"Eddie and Julie  - we had a fantastic time there. You are excellent teachers! I hope to be able to come many more times."
      — Laurie S.

Cooking on the Outing

Q. Who teaches your workshops?
A. Eddie Starnater is the Head Instructor for Practical Primitive workshops. Eddie has been teaching Tracking, Flintknapping, Nature Awareness and all aspects of Primitive Skills for over 20 years,
and has had the good fortune to pass along has decades of skills experience to thousands of students from across North America and around the world. In fact, a large majority of other primitive skills schools in the United States and Canada have intstructors who learned at least some of what they know from Eddie.
Julie Martin is both an Instructor and Director of Operations for Practical Primitive, and the founder of Feral Females (dedicated to promoting and encouraging women in the outdoors in all sorts of skills and activities). She has been practicing and teaching Primitive and Survival Skills for over a decade, and thoroughly enjoys passing her knowledge and experience on to others. She firmly believes that every person can learn any skill they choose, and that every person should choose any skill they want to learn!
At Practical Primitive we feel that having both male and female instructors brings a balance to our teaching that is often lacking in the primitive skills world, and always strive to ensure each and every one of our students feels comfortable and welcome at every workshop.

Q. What if I have to cancel my registration for a workshop or Skills Intensive?
A. If you must cancel your registration for a workshop or open registration Skills Intensive, your deposit may or may not be refundable, depending on the time and circumstances.
The workshop or Intensive is still open and we are still accepting registrations:
If it is more than 2 weeks in advance of the workshop or Intensive start date we will either refund the deposit or transfer it to a future workshop.
If it is less than two weeks in advance we will hold the deposit and allow it to be transferred to any other workshop within a 6 month time.
If it is less than one week in advance the deposit will not be transferred or refunded. If you paid in full, the balance amount will be transferred to any other workshop within a 6 month time.
If you cancel withing 72 hours, or do not show up for your workshop, any tuition amounts paid becomes forfiet.
The workshop or Intensive is full and has been closed (we have stopped accepting registrations):
Once a workshop/Intensive has been closed the deposit will only be refunded or transferred if we are able to fill the space with another student from the waiting list or through re-opened registration, no matter how far in advance of the date.
Deposits are only transferable once. If you cancel your transfered registration the deposit becomes forfeit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you request a refund 60 or more days after making your initial registration, only 95% of your tuition will be refunded, as we can no longer recover credit card fees after that time.

Q. What if I have to cancel a Skills 2 You workshop at my location?
A. If you must cancel your Skills 2 You workshop, where Practical Primitive is traveling to your location, you must provide 4 weeks notice to have your deposit refunded. This allows us to add a different workshop to our schedule with enough time to promote it and take registrations. If you cancel with less than 4 weeks notice, your 50% deposit will be forfeit.

If you have any questions about the program feel free to give us a call,
or send an e-mail to


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