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4-Month Protector Intensive

Heart of the Guardian

Apply Now for the program beginning in June!

For all the protectors in their families, as life changing events are unfolding in front of our very eyes something has stirred inside of me. A feeling that lay dormant fo ra few years now. The need to pass along these skills I learned a long time ago to keep individuals and families safe.
The skills taught at the ESCAPE class are crucial at this very moment.

This is NOT a typical tactical class that you see offered out there. These are REAL skills for REAL situations. This class has evolved through the years and is not the same as my first once in the late 2000's. I have fine-tuned what would really work and what wasn't useful to students. I've also adjusted the format from a week-long class to four weekends, to make it easier for people to attend.

These skills used to be a part of my daily life, when I used them and perfected them to stay alive. Some I still use to this day; they've never left me.

When everything was chaos and deadly confrontations were a part of my daily life, they served me well. During the days when shoot-outs were the norm and not the exception, I lost many colleagues and friends and I had to learn really fast not to make the same mistakes. You will learn the tools that I used to remain safe and yo uwill take them to keep you r loved ones safe as well. You will benefit and learn hands-on with my instruction to feel more confident and strong to guide you loved ones.

Call me for an outline of the class and I'll answer any questions and address any of your concerns. I'm not going to outline things here to prevent the usual copycats and pretenders with no experience from teaching these dangerous skills.

This is as real as it gets in a class format. This is not something off of the internet and YouTube. This was my life. The Protectors Life.
If you are ready to be a Protector too, then I hope to see you soon.

Jorge Brana

About the Program

Upcoming Session:
 June – September 2020
Meets:                  One 2-day weekend each month
Location:              Great Meadows, NJ (or nearby)
Dates:                 June 27-28 / July 25-26 / August 22-23 / September 19-20

  Pay in Full   2 payments
    of $400
  4 payments
   of $200

Program FAQs

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A. We'll need a minimum of six to run the program, and there will be a maximum of ten people accepted.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. There is no upper age limit and so long as you are physically able to complete the course-work we encourage you to apply!

Q. What is the schedule for the program?
A. ESAPE participants will gather for one weekend each month (Saturday & Sunday) for 4 months, beginning in June. We will get started at 9am Saturday morning and finish up around 4pm Sunday afternoon. Each weekend will be filled with intense hands-on instruction, information and discussion. There will be one overnight exercise, on the third or fourth weekend.
Proposed Weekends:
June 27-28
July 25-26
August 22-23
September 19-20

Q. What sort of skills / experience do I need to have to apply?
A. There are no minimum or maximum skill or experience requirements. All who have an interest are encouraged to apply.

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If you have any questions about the program feel free to give us a call,
or send an e-mail to





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