What Our Students Say…

Some of the folks who have attended our workshops, or receive our newsletter or watch our videos have been nice enough to let us know that they think about the work we do. We wanted to say thanks to everyone who has passed along their comments, and give those of you who are less familiar with us and what we do a chance to hear what others have to say.

And if would like to pass along your own comments, please send us an e-mail. We always love to hear from you!

About our Workshops & Mentoring

After a 4-day Knapping workshop


»» Thanks again Eddie. I learned a lot. It was really helpful. I've learned more in our few classes than I ever did from all the [other school] knapping lectures combined.
      — Andrew K.

»» Hello Eddie. I've been practicing flintknapping and making tools. Slowly getting better! Anyhow, thanks for the workshop - hope to take another one with you sometime soon!
      — Pierre B. (Skills 2 You; King City, Ontario)

»» Hi Eddie, This is Todd from your course in Shelton. I just wanted to say thanks again, and that Henry, who is staying with me and family right now, probably made a dozen arrowheads yesterday—he's popping the stone with a piece of an elk rack that washed itself down into the till between creek streams by our house.
I lived in a village in West Africa, in the Ivory Coast, for a few years and from time to time I had a friend who showed me how to play a djembe. I'd go to sleep with these rhythms in my head. Night before last, after all day knapping, I had that same thing going on—falling asleep to the image of a stone cleaving and the sound of a perfect strike, that rhythm as I passed into dream.
      — Todd (Skills 2 You; Shelton, WA)

»» Eddie, Just a quick thank you for a magnificent presentation and workshop today for my students. They were inspired and educated and I am sure I we will be working on extensions of your presentation for weeks to come. A thank you from the kids is on the way. Looking forward to future workshops.
Much Appreciation,
      — Michelle M. (Princeton Montessori School presentation)

Natural Dyes

»» We want to let you know what a FABULOUS time we had in your class yesterday, magic happened. Thanks for your knowledge and kindness. Now we are racking our brains about what we might make for Christmas presents - perhaps naturally dyed cloth napkins! Thanks for the osage orange and black walnut.
A joyous holiday season to you.
      — Evelyn, Heather, Bob, Nick

Making & Using Natural Cordage

»» Thank you for a wonderful experience about learning how to make natural cordage. The food was great, too. Thank you!
      — April L.


»» Well we made it home, safe, sound and happy. Not sure how to thank you for everything... so I'll just say thank you. We learned so much (in spite of ourselves haha!). And you guys are just so special, we love working with you and just hanging out with you. We already started on our next baskets today. :-)
      — Kevin K.

»» Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality and teachings! We're looking forward to coming down again for some times in the fall. We'll definitely be in touch :) Take Care,
      — Joanna D.

Archery Fundamentals

Shooting the Longbow / Archery Fundamentals

»» Thanks for the great day! My fingers are still numb, but the rest of me feels ok. I learned a lot and need to go out and get a bow so that I can practice what I learned. Thanks again!
      — George H.

»» Eddie - AWESOME class!!!
      — Dan A.

»» Well Eddie, I am shooting a much tighter group now. I went out and started the Starnater plan and after a while put one of my arrows through another one. I can't wait to get the right length of string on this bow, a small shelf and more instructions. After that, I would shoot 2 shots and then go get the arrows because I cant afford too many of those kind of successes!
      — Mark W.

Bow Making

Scraping down a Self-bow

»» Hey Eddie and Julie … I love the bow … and what's even better is I can build another one just like it now anytime I want to. The mentoring session was the bomb! Thanks a ton! To anyone who has been thinking about a mentoring session, stop thinking and just do it. There are other schools where you can spend 3 times the money for ¼ of the training time but they will never be able to match the personal attention and just plan feral fun of Eddie and Julie at Practical Primitive.
      — Mark A. Wright, HMC(SS),USN (Mentoring)

»» I want to thank you Eddie for continuing to help me knap out my jewel, both spiritually physically, and for your dedication teaching someone who has absolutely no idea what they are doing when they pick up a certain piece of wood or rock. You are a great teacher.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a *teacher*. It is so important for the passing of skills, no matter what they might be, and now that I've been visiting the little casita off Honey Locust I know what that is all about. A proper teacher always makes for a proper student. These last two classes really blew my mind. I still cannot believe what I see when I look at that bow we worked down. I feel so damn alive doing this. Few other things in life can make you feel like that.
So hey… thank you.
      — Frank P.

»» I love my bow so much!  It is safely stored in my house. I can't wait to do the final sanding and tip finishing.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  Another wonderful weekend!
      — Lara L

Drum Making

»» Both drums look great and sound really good. They have a very nice tone to them. I will bring mine next time I come down. Thanks for all your help with them.
      — Bill W.


Skills 2 You Tracking workshop

»» Eddie, We all just wanted to thank you for coming up and spending time with us in a deluge of water. We learned so much and had such a great time doing all the exercises. It was awesome to have a flexible, no-pressure situation to learn and practice the skills important to us. We are excited to put everything we learned to use. Rest assured we have already had many conversations and applications of what you showed us. We're looking forward to working with you both again.
      — Kevin K. (Skills 2 You; Harriman, NY)

»» I just wanted to add a personal thank you, in addition to the one Kevin sent. Not only was the weekend instructional, and wet, but it also moved me on a deeper level. And for those kind of experiences, no thanks can ever be sufficient. But, I extend a deep, heart felt thanks; both to you and Julie. Not only did you introduce me to new things, but you help to remind me of who I truly am. Many Thanks, and I hope we'll meet again soon.
      — Ryan F. (Skills 2 You; Harriman, NY)

Foraging & Gathering

»» Hi Eddie and Julie, Thanks so much for another awesome time! We all had a great weekend and had some very memorable experiences. I am putting my pictures from the weekend up on Shutterfly.com so you can see them. I'm looking forward to some more workshops in the future! Keep us posted :) Thanks,
      — Joanna D.

Survival Skills

»» Having Eddie as an instructor and guide has been an incredible experience. He has a great understanding and teaching style that reflects his vast knowledge of outdoor, hunting and primitive skills. He taught me many things that were fun to learn but could also save my life. His sharing of knowledge has given me confidence and a new found passion for the outdoors. I highly recommend his classes for anyone interested in developing a closer relationship to our natural world.
Thank you.
      — Matt C.

About Our Monthly Newsletter — Practically Seeking

Tipi Fire Structure

Great newsletter! I'm happy to report that I got my first fire by using all local plants and rocks. Ash was used after I split it with some wooden wedges. The Milkweed cordage that was in season was just strong enough to get a coal. The tips you provied at the Traditional Archery Festival helped make this possible.
      — Adam N.

Great letter. Great video. Great dye article.
      — Rob D.

I am really amazed and pleased that your doings have become as expanded as they have, as joyously given as they are, and as quickly as you folks have accomplished. I very much enjoy the e-letters and hearing of your happenings. Thank-you for continuing to keep me posted on all that, and your schedule.
      — George W.

Man its so cool to get this newsletter. The article on plant identification is really motivating for me. Just in the past few weeks i have been on a total identification kick, sitting out on my lawn, amazed at all the edible and medicinal plants right under my nose. And I'm definitely going to check out Botany in a Day.
      — Jon F.

Processing Clay

Honest to God, this is the best newsletter I've ever seen! Congrats! It was all great, I especially loved The Body Hollow. Go Eddie! and thanks a lot. May your heart be happy knowing you've helped.
      — Bob A.

Thank you very much Bro Ed! U know i want every thing i can get. This is gooooood and very usefull stuff. I would very much like to take everything u have. Will try and move things to get ur classes. It is always good to hear from u cause i know it will be good!
      — Steve M.

Great and very useful newsletter. Thank You for making it available and I hope you can keep it coming.
      — Fred E.

These are great newsletters! Keep up the good work. I am forwarding them all the folks I can.
      — Rob D.

Eddie, thanks for your excellent newsletter.
      — Michel S.

Thanks for the newsletter. Always enjoy them. It's like keeping in touch with family.
      — Jimmie M.

Heya there, eddie, luv your newsletter, so coool.
      — Zoran Z.

About Our New Instructional Videos

(Check out our free instructionsl videos on our YouTube channel.)

Eddie! great job on your first vid! congrats. Really good information as well.
      — Michel S.

I thought that was awesome. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Camped there a girlscout in the 1960's and swam in the Hudson River. Wow. I think video's especially where you show the pulse of Mother Earth - Wow moment. Thank you for filming that.
      — Katherine S.

Love the video. Learned a bunch, you betcha. Nothing beats hands-on, but that's a great way to show a new application to a big audience. Can't wait to see even more from you both.
      — Bryan T.