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Bowdrill Coal


Secrets of Bowdrill:

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Secrets and Science Behind Rubbing Two Sticks Together

By Julie Martin


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Over 150 pages and over 200 photos!
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Bowdrill Coal


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"Fire is not magic.
Fire is definitely magical, but it is not magic."

The most comprehensive book on Bowdrill currently available, with over 150 pages of information and instruction, and over 200 photos to guide you on your path to Bowdrill success. 15 chapters filled with detailed information on:

  • Understanding Bowdrill
  • Two-stick Fire Board
  • Understanding Failure
  • Choosing Your Bow
  • Finding Your Handhold
  • Creating Your Fireboard (& the Importance of the Notch)
  • Sizing Your Spindle
  • What About the Wood?
  • Coal Catchers & Tinder Bundles
  • All About Dust
  • Making Your Kit
  • Using Natural Cordage
  • The Importance of Body Position
  • How to Make a Coal
  • Does this Really Work? Really?
  • The Magic of Fire

"Your bowdrill spindle is the heart of your kit. If your spindle is off by even a little bit,
your entire fire-making experience will go from consistent and predictable to guesswork and luck."

Bowdrill Kit

Fire Is Life!
Bowdrill is not that hard. It really isn't! In fact, it's actually pretty easy. Once you understand the Secrets and the Science behind the skill, you too will be able to make a bowdrill coal virtually every single time. Bowdrill is both Reliable and Consistent, and in spite of what you may have seen on TV, it doesn't take a lot of strength, effort or energy.

Learn how to size your entire bowdrill kit to YOU, how to choose the right diameter of bowdrill spindle (a KEY aspect of success!), how to read your dust and understand what it is telling you, how to create a coal with very little effort, and much more. When you understand both HOW and WHY bowdrill works you will also understand what goes wrong when it doesn't, and how to FIX it!

BowdrillNatural vs. nylon cordage, kits made off-the-landscape or from purchased lumber, the anatomy of a coal as it comes to life, photos and descriptions of exactly how to carve your notch, two-stick and notchless fireboards, step-by-step instructions on proper form and how to make a coal... all of this and more are explained in detail in the comprehensive guide to Simple, Reliable and Consistent Bowdrill, Every Single Time.

"When it comes to making fire by friction, you live or die by your dust."

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