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As featured in the May 2015 issue of Practically Seeking.

The Organic Artist



Nick Neddo


To begin with "full disclosure" I have known Nick Neddo for almost 10 years now, and Eddie has known him for even longer. Eddie was one of Nick's earlier instructors in primitive skills and we both have a tremendous amount of respect for him, his skills and his artistry.
That being said, even if we had never met Nick in our lives we would still be HIGHLY recommending this book! The photos and Nick's illustrations are gorgeous, the information is top-notch and the projects are fun, engaging and easy to replicate. If you are an artist, a teacher, a parent, a nature lover, a primitive skills/bushcraft practitioner or someone who loves to make stuff, gather stuff or be creative with stuff, this book is absolutely for you.
In The Organic Artist, Nick shows us all once again that, when we know where to look and what to gather, nature will provide us with everything we need. He breaks down just how easy it is to create our own art supplies — from charcoal, pigments, paints & ink to paint brushes, ink wells, pens and even paper — all from the fields and forest and natural world that surrounds us.
Every one of the over 30 projects has step-by-step instructions that are well-detailed and easy to follow, accompanied by helpful full-color photos of the more important, difficult or complicated stages. Intermixed with the photos are Nick's incredible illustrations; sometimes of the materials you will need for the project, sometimes prints of art he has created using the materials you will be making, ALWAYS beautiful examples of what is possible.

In a world where more and more of our daily lives have become about buying what we want or need from farther and farther away places in parts of the world we have never seen, it is a wonderful breath of fresh air to read this book and take back the ability to create art, to create beauty, to be inspired by what is right outside our own door. Through The Organic Artist, Nick Neddo reminds us that art can be fun and exciting, and that art is for everyone. He takes us back to the days when we felt nothing but joy in getting paint on our fingers and ink on our faces and clay on our clothes, and reminds us that art is universal, has been around us and part of us since the days of our "primitive" ancestors, and that art is for all of us and should be created by all of us.
A work of art in and of itself, The Organic Artist is a book that should definitely be on your shelf, as it is prominently displayed on ours.  

Click Here to order your personally autographed copy directly from Nick!

To learn more about Nick and see his beautiful art work, check out Nick Neddo's Website and The Organic Artist Facebook Page

(While you can head on over to Amazon and buy this book for a few dollars less, Nick doesn't get a penny from those sales. Help support this Organic Artist by ordering directly from Nick and he'll autograph your copy!)

Eddie's Bookshelf

Looking for a good book to help further your skills, or your understanding of our world and those who came before? Here are some of Eddie and Julie's favorite books from their own reference shelf.

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Plants & Trees
Botany in a Day Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification
Thomas J. Elpel
A fast, easy and fun way to dentify plants. Discover the seven key patterns that will help you learn plants by the hundreds, instead of one at a time. A great method to help make sense of the vast amounts of information that can be so intimidating to a beginner.
Newcomb's Wildflower Guide Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
Lawrence Newcomb
Newcomb's five question identification system, based on easily visible features, will have you out and identifying flowers in no time!
Edible Wild Plants Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and central North America
Lee Allen Peterson
This classic from the noted Peterson Guide series describes over 370 wild edible plants (and their poisonous look-alikes) found in the eastern and central United States and Canada.
Venomous Animals, Poisonous Plants A Field Guide to Venomous Animals and Poisonous Plants
Roger Caras
Another "must-have" from Petersons. With information on over 250 poisonous plants (& 90 venomous animals) this book will help keep you safe and sound as you explore the wonders of the plant kingdom.
Peterson's Guide to Medicinal Plants Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs Of Eastern and Central North America
James A. Duke
Identification information on over 500 healing plants found in Eastern & Central North America, as well as the habitats in which they are found and their known medicinal uses.
Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants A Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Stephen Foster
Identification information on over 500 species of common healing plants found west of the Mississippi River, as well as habitat ranges and known medicinal uses.
Stikky Trees Stikky Trees
Laurence Holt
Learn to Recognize the 15 Most Common Trees in the United States—in Just One Hour, Guaranteed! A great book for kids & adults alike.
(See Eddie's review in the June-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Tree Identification Book The Tree Identification Book
George W.D. Symonds
A fantastic book for anyone in the Eastern half of the United States or Canada. The over 1500 photographs include trees, leaves, twigs, flowers, nuts & bark, making it easy to identify your trees in every season.
(See Eddie's review in the March-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping: Home Landscaping with Food-Bearing Plants and Resource-Saving Techniques
Rosalind Creasy
Ready to chuck the lawnmower and turn your yard into a beautiful habitat for edible wild plants? Then this is the book for you.
The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide
Linda Runyon
An excellent "How-to" book on identifying, harvesting, preparing, storing and preserving 50 plants common throughout the U.S. and Canada. Written from experience!
(See Eddie's review in the April-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places
Steve Brill
Anyone who has met "Wildman" Steve Brill will not soon forget him! This fun and informative book is a great resource for anyone intersted in wild edibles.
Weeds of the Northeast Weeds of the Northeast One of our favorite plant books! Unique in the fact that it has photos of both the seedling and seed stages of over 200 plants so you can identify them at any time of year!
(See Eddie's review in the March-09 issue of Practically Seeing)
The Forager's Harvest The Forager's Harvest
Samuel Thayer
A must-have for anyone interested in edible wild plants. Thayer brings his decades of personal experience to bear in dispelling several current plant myths, and provides great insights, to the benefit of us all.
(See Eddie's review in the April-09 issue of Practically Seeing)
Nature's Garden Nature's Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants
Samuel Thayer
Thayer has done it again! This second outstanding book offers real, practical EXPERIENCE with each of these new plants. (No repeat from Forager's Harvest. This is a must-have book for everyone even remotely interested in wild edibles. Don't wait, don't hesitate, add this book to your library today!
(See Eddie's review in the June-10 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Complete Mushroom Hunter The Complete Mushroom Hunter:
An Illustrated Guide to Finding, Harvesting, and Enjoying Wild Mushrooms
Gary Lincoff
Gary Lincoff demystifies the world of edible, medicinal, and utilitarian fungi. Good descriptions of a wide variety of mushrooms in a simple to understand format, outstanding photographs & descriptions, information on habitats, soil types, preparation instructions, recipes and clear warnings when extra caution is needed.
Well-researched, nicely documented and easy to follow.
(See Eddie's review in the September-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
Cedar Cedar: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians
Hillary Stewart

Divided into chapters that cover the each part of the Cedar tree — Wood, Bark, Withes and Roots — Cedar is filled with amazing information and incredible stories of the ingenious ways this tree was put to use. A must-have for every Primitive Skills library!
(See Julie's review in the December-12 issue of Practically Seeking)

Bird Language Bird Language with Jon Young - How to Interpret the Behaviors and Patterns of Nature + Laminated Reference Guide An excellent primer for anyone wanting to begin learning, or gain a better understanding of, Bird Language. The first DVD takes you through all the basics of the language of the birds, and why it is important for you to know. By understanding what the birds surrounding you are indicating through their vocalizations and movements, a much greater understanding of the natural world will begin to reveal itself to you.
(See Eddie's review in the December-13 issue of Practically Seeking)
What the Robin Knows What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World Birds are the sentries of the natural world. They always know what is going on and if we learn to listen, we can find out too. Through this book Young teaches that by learning to differentiate the five main bird communication calls and reactionary flight shapes we can get an inside seat into all the action happening around us that we would not otherwise notice.
(See Sarah's Gues Review in the May-14 issue of Practically Seeking)
Art of Flintknapping The Art of Flintknapping
D.C. Waldorf
Without a doubt, THE book on flintknapping!! If you only get one, this is the book you want. Valerie Waldorf's beautiful illustrations provide you with excellent visual guidance as you learn this ancient art. (Also check out D.C.'s new companion DVD!)
(See Eddie's review in the September-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
Flintknapping Flintknapping: Making and Understanding Stone Tools
John C. Whittaker
This book contains detailed, practical information on flintknapping that will help you to not only make stone tools, but understand the archeological context in which they were originally used.
Bows & Arrows
Bowyers Bible Vol. 1 The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Vol. 1
Jim Hamm
The ultimate guide for anyone interested in bow building. From choosing the tree to creating your finished bow, learn from the experts.
Bowyers Bible Vol. 2 The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Vol. 2
Jim Hamm
Bowyers Bible Vol. 3 The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Vol. 3
Jim Hamm
Bowyers Bible Vol. 4 The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 4
Jim Hamm
What happens when true Masters of the craft collaborate! The revised section on bow design and performance constitute a GIANT step forward from the first book. Contains, without a doubt, the finest information available on building a self bow.
(See Eddie's review in the June-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
Timeless Bowhunting Timeless Bowhunting: The Art, The Science, & The Spirit
Roy S. Marlow
More than just a book about hunting with a bow and arrow, this is a must-have for anyone interested in archery, whether traditional or modern, as a hunter or for recreation. Whether you're an experienced hunter or beginning archer, do yourself a favor and give this book a read.
(See Eddie's review in the October-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Art of Making Selfbows The Art of Making Selfbows
Stim Wilcox
A brand new book on making selfbows, this volume is like none you've ever seen before. Master Bowyer Stim Wilcox lays out all of his secrets to making the sweetest shooting selfbows I've EVER shot; ones that equal and even surpass my laminated bows. Don't hesitate on this one. Buy it.
(See Eddie's review in the August-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
Deer of North America The Deer of North America
Leonard Lee Rue
If you are a hunter, photographer, naturalist or just love to watch deer in the wild, then this book is a MUST for your skills library. The most comprehensive book we have ever seen on the subject, Rue covers every important aspect of deer, their lives, feeding and breeding and more. We have no doubt that The Deer of North America will quickly become one of the "go to" volumes in your collection.
(See Eddie's review in the October-13 issue of Practically Seeking)
Deerskins into Buckskins Deerskins Into Buckskins: How To Tan With Natural Materials
Matt Richards
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions make this book the go-to guide for wet-scrape braintan.
(See Eddie's review in the January-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
Blue Mountain Buckskin Blue Mountain Buckskin: A Working Manual For Dry-scrape Braintan
Jim Riggs
A thorough and complete guide to the dry-scrape braintan method, written by one of the best braintanners of the modern era.
Primitive & Survival Skills
Desert Survival Skills Desert Survival Skills
David Alloway
An excellent and fun-to-read book on how to survive in desert climates, the skills learned in this book can be transferred into a multitude of other tyes of situations. A must-have for any serious survival student.
(See Eddie's review in the August-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
Shelters, Shacks & Shanties Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: And How to Build Them
D.C. Beard
An oldie but goodie, this book has information on constructing all types of shelter, from the easy & immediate all the way up to a full-fledged log cabin, with nothing but the simplest of tools.
(See Eddie's review in the February-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
Naked into the Wilderness Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness
John McPherson
Hundreds of photographs and line drawings make this a fantastic resource for all of the basics when it comes to primtive skills.
Primitive Technology Primitive Technology
David Wescott
Primitive Technology II Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skill
David Wescott
Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes
Margaret M. Wheat
A remarkable and unparalleled look at what life for the Northern Paiute tribes. The details make it possible to replicate the skills of a people who thrived in an area that most consider uninhabitable.
(See Eddie's review in the November/December-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
Practicing Primitive Practicing Primitive:
A Handbook of Aboriginal Skills

Steven M Watts
In the world of Primitive Skills there is one name that everyone knows — or at least they should! Steve Watts has been practicing, discovering, learning & exploring the world of our ancestors for decades, and his Practicing Primitive is an excellent compilation of the knowledge and skill he has achieved, and is passing on.
(Read the rest of Eddie's review in the April-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
98.6 98.6:
The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

Cody Lundin
This book is a perfect primer for the those new to the outdoors, and an excellent reminder and resource for those long-time outdoor adventurers who just never even think THEY would end up in a survival situation.
Written from Cody's own, extensive outdoor experience, this is one to have on your shelf no matter how long you've been doing this!
(Read the Eddie's full review in the July-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Natural Navigator The Natural Navigator:
A Watchful Explorer's Guide to a Nearly Forgotten Skill

Tristan Gooley
Puddles, ponds, sand, trees, lichens, buildings, graveyards... according to The Natural Navigatorall these things and many more can be used to help you find your way without map, compass or GPS. Thoughtful, engaging, humorous and accessible, Gooley makes the art of Natural Navigation easy for anyone to learn.
(Read the Eddie's full review in the April-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
How to Sht in the Woods How to Sh!t in the Woods
Kathleen Meyer

For both novice and experienced hikers, backpackers or campers, and even folks on a back-country family vacation, the "process of elimination" can be confusing, daunting, and down-right frustrating. This book is a great guide to answering Nature's call, while respecting Nature's needs as much as your own.
(Read the full review in the March-13 issue of Practically Seeking)

The Intuitive Warrior The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons from a Navy SEAL on Unleashing Your Hidden Potential
Michael Jaco
A really instructive quick read that reflects lessons Michael Jaco learned in his career as a NO BS full-time operator in the Teams. Far more than an instruction manual on conditioning the body, Jaco uses his book to (perhaps more importantly) provide insights into how to condition your mind to assist you in reaching a potential that few people achieve.
(Read the full review in the June-13 issue of Practically Seeking)
Surviving the Economic Collapse Surviving the Economic Collapse Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre

Aguirre details the entire meltdown of Argentinian society from the perspective of the "regular" men and women who endured it: What happened to them, what they went through, how they survived, how they recovered, and how they were changed forever by the experience. This is a detailed account of the fall of a rich and modern society with a thriving middle class, that occurred a mere sixteen years ago.
(Read the full review in the November-17 issue of Practically Seeking)

Traditional Living
The Foxfire Books

The FOXFIRE Book Volume 1
Eliot Wigginton and his Students

Originally an English class project in 1966 rural Georgia, the Foxfire Project has spent 40 years preserving the stories and skills of a "previously-dismissed culture of Southern Appalachia". Passed on by the people who lived them everyday, this entire series is a treasure trove of indespensible knowledge for anyone who desires to live a more "off the grid" style of life.
(See Eddie's review in the October-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
Back to Basics

Back to Basics:
A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills

Abigail R. Gehring

Divided into six sections and containing basic information on hundreds of different skills projects, this comprehensive guide to simple living is worth having on any bookshelf. This book was Eddie's first introduction to many of the skills he has gone on to perfect.
(See Eddie's review in the May-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Soap Book The Soap Book: Simple Herbal Recipes
Sandy Maine
For anyone interested in making their own soaps this book will be an invaluable resource. Also has a great selection of recipies.
(See Eddie's review in the December-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Herbal Home Remedy Book The Herbal Home Remedy Book
Joyce A. Wardwell
Contains many simple recipes for tinctures, teas, salves, tonics and syrups — especially perfect for someone taking their first steps into the world of herbal remedies.
It Will Live Forever It Will Live Forever: Traditional Yosemite Indian Acorn Preparation
Beverly Oritz
This book will answer all your questions on how to process acorns or make your own flour. More than just a "how to" on making this delicious and nutritious food, offers a unique insight into the complexity, beauty and integrity of a life well lived.
(See Eddie's review in the January-08 issue of Practically Seeking)
Plenty Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet What authors Alisa & James discover during a year of eating only what could be found within 100 miles of their downtown Vancouver, B.C. apartment transcends mere meal planning and will bring the reader a new awareness of, and appreciation for, the world around them. "Distance is the Enemy of Awareness"
(See Julie's review in the April-10 issue of Practically Seeking)
Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning
The Gardeners and Farmers of Centre Terre Vivante
Shunning the common methods of freezing and canning, all of the preserving in this book is done as naturally as possible to retain maximum flavor and nutrition, using ingredients that are whole or minimally processed, and all the methods have been tested and are easy for "regular people" to try out. A wonderful resouce!
(See Julie's review in the January-10 issue of Practically Seeking)
Alone in the Wilderness Alone in the Wilderness (DVD)
Dick Proenneke
In 1968 at the age of 51, Dick Proenneke headed into the Alaskan wilderness with the intent of staying for a full year. He stayed for over 30. And even better for all of us, he chronicled his adventure both on film and in his journals! The wonderful DVD uses Proenneke's own writings & beautifully shot home movies to create a legacy that will endure, and can not help but inspire generations to come.
(See Eddie's review in the March-10 issue of Practically Seeking)
Bird Feathers Bird Feathers:
A Guide to North American Species

David Scott & Casey McFarland
The first of it's kind, this extensively researched and beautifully put-together field guide to Bird Feathers will be a constant reference point in your nature studies. A must have for your bookshelf!
(See Eddie's review in the December-10 issue of Practically Seeking)
Root Cellaring Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
Mike Bubel & Nancy Bubel
A fantastic book with solid, experienced-based knowledge on all different kinds of "root cellaring" storage. The specific information provided will provide you with the best possible chance of keeping your larder stocked with fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts and more from one year to the next. An EXCELLENT resource!
(See Julie's review in the January-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
Earth Ovens Build Your Own Earth Oven (3rd Edition)
Kiko Denzer
The sub-title of this book is "A Low-cost, Wood-fired Mud Oven, Simple Sour-dough bread, Perfect Loaves" and that is exactly what this book delivers. The authors take the daunting task of building a wood-fired oven in your back yard & break it down into eight simple steps that can be accomplished in a few days.
Sseveral different style and size options are shown so you can choose the best fit for your needs. A great book!
(See Eddie's review in the November-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
Seven Fires Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
Franis Mallmann

Argentinian celebrity chef Francis Mallmann brings the Seven Fires of Traditional Gaucho cooking to your kitchen and backyard in this amazing and delicious book filled with recipes you will use over and over again. A stellar book for anyone who loves to cook outdoors and with fire!
(See Julie's review in the December-11 issue of Practically Seeking)

Camp Cooking Camp Cooking: 100 Years
National Museum of Forest Service History
Part of the A New Century of Service project for the National Forest Service, this wonderful cook book of recipes used by Park Rangers and Forest Service officers throughout the history of America's National Forests is a perfect primer for Dutch Oven beginners, as well as a fantastic addition to any outdoor lover's foodie library!
(See Julie's review in the June/July-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
Bringing Nature Home Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants
Douglas W. Tallamy
A passionate and fact-filled book about the plight of those smallest creatures with which we share our planet; insects, spiders, beetles, worms and birds. See how each of us, no matter where we live, can have a direct effect on the world around us by choosing to grow and cultivate Native plants that will increase the beneficial insect populations and by extension the birds, small mammals and other native animal populations on which we depend.
(See Julie's review in the March-14 issue of Practically Seeking)
One Straw Revolution The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
Masanobu Fukuoka
Masanobu Fukoka looks at the production of food wholly within the bounds of the natural order of the planet. He began practcing this "Do-nothing" approach to natural gardening since the 1970s and consistently achieved higher yields with fewer pest problems that tradional agricultural methods. This guide to Masanobu's methods is a Must-Read for anyone interested in gardening with less work, no chemicals and better results!
(See our full review in the June-14 issue of Practically Seeking)
Natural History
Stikky Night Skies Stikky Night Skies
Laurence Holt
The title says it all: Learn 6 Constellations, 4 Stars, A Planet, A Galaxy, And How To Navigate At Night—in One Hour, Guaranteed!
(See Eddie's review in the June-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
1491 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
Charles C. Mann
A fascinating look at what new archeological evidence tells us about life in the Americas before European contact. Heavily populated, with highly advanced civilizations — not the "primitive" world you learned about in school!
(See Eddie's review in the May-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
Kinship With All Life Kinship with All Life
J. Allen Boone
This book will be your guide to relearning the seemingly lost universal language that will bring you back into kinship with all life.
(See Eddie's review in the July-07 issue of Practically Seeking)
The Omnivore's Dilemma The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
Michael Pollan
This is one of those "Must Read" books. Pollan's journey through our current food system is both eye-opening and at times frightening. At the very least it will make you pause as you purchase on your next trip to the grocery store or farmer's market. An excellent and informative read.
(See Eddie's review in the July-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
Warrior Woman: The Story of Lozen Warrior Woman: The Story of Lozen, Apache Warrior and Shaman
Peter Aleshire
Her name almost forgotten and her story virtually untold, Lozen was a fierce Warrior and powerful Shaman who fought alongside Geronimo and her brother Victorio in the Apache wars. Aleshire pieces together all of the available information on this amazing life and weaves a story of one of the great women of history. Warrior, shaman, healer, leader & lethal adversary — I encourage you discover her incredible story.
(See Julie's review in the October-09 issue of Practically Seeking)

Making Silent Stones Speak Making Silent Stones Speak: Human Evolution & The Dawn Of Technology
Nicholas Toth & Kathy Schick
A fascinating history of and introduction to archeology and the methods used to age the prehistoric sites. Interspersed with entertaining, & enlightening tidbits about the authors' personal experiences and research projects, this is an easy and informative read for anyone interested in Human Evolution and the Dawn of Technology.
(See Guest Reviewer Kfir Mendel's review in the December-09 issue of Practically Seeking)
Pandora's Seed Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization
Spencer Wells
A well-researched and tremendously insightful look at how the choice of our ancestors to leave behind their Hunter-Gatherer lifestyle and begin practicing agriculture shaped our lives in ways that they could have never imagined. A brilliant book and a definite Must Read!
(See Julie's review in the June-11 issue of Practically Seeking)
Clan of the Cave Bear

Clan of the Cave Bear
Jean M. Auel

The story of Ayla, a 5-year-old modern human girl who is orphaned by an earthquake and found, taken in and raised by a clan of Neanderthals, this masterfully written story takes place about 30,000 years ago at the tail end of the last ice age and the dawn of Modern Human-kind. The story shows, in a simple and straightforward manner, how all of these skills that we now put under the heading of "Survival" were once simply known as "Life".
(See Julie's review in the February-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
Ishi in Two Worlds Ishi in Two Worlds:
A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America

Theodora Kroeber

A fascinating and well-written biography of Ishi, the last member of the Yahi tribe of northern California. Unable to bear the lonliness any longer, Ishi "came in" to civilzation in 1911 expecting to be killed, as everyone he knew had been. He ended up as a living exhibit at the Berkley museum, where the artifacts of his life can still be seen today. An amazing story, and one that everyone should read.
(See Eddie's review in the May-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
Ishi: The Last Yahi Ishi: The Last Yahi
Jed Riffe & Pamela Roberts (Directors)
This well-researched and beautifully shot documentary released in 1994 and narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Linda Hunt, highlights not only the story of Ishi himself, but the many failings of the American government's policies regarding the country's First Nations. 
A mixture of photographs, film footage and first- and second-hand accounts and recollections from those who knew Ishi and the people who worked with him make this a compelling and fascinating documentary to watch.
(See Julie's review in the August/September-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
Across Atlantic Ice Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America's Clovis Culture
Dennis J. Stanford & Bruce A. Bradley
A fascinating explanation of one of the most controversial new theories regarding the original settlement patterns of North America's first inhabitants. Was it the Solutrean people, who lived in what is now France and Spain some 20,000 year ago,  who first landed in North America by boats? That is their hypothesis, based on some incredible similarities with the Clovis culture, Did these first people came across the ocean from Iberia in the East, rather than across the Bearing Straight from Beringia in the West? Read this book and decide what you think!
(See Eddie's review in the October-12 issue of Practically Seeking)
Caveman Chemistry Caveman Chemistry:
28 Projects, from the Creation of Fire to the Production of Plastics

Kevin M. Dunn

Caveman Chemistry looks at why these skills work, written with the lay-person in mind. It is yet another source that shows us that our ancient ancestors were GENIUSES who figured out advanced chemistry, physics and biology without the aid of computers, calculators, slide-rules or in many cases, a written language or standardized measurement system.  A unique and fascinating book that we highly recommend to everyone studying primitive skills! 
(See Eddie's review in the August-13 issue of Practically Seeking)