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Scraping to 90 Stave to Stick

Bow Making: Self Bows

This completely hands-on workshop will take you through the entire progression of building your very own self-bow.
Beginning with a bark-on stave, you will learn what to look for when selecting your materials, and different ways to successfully remove the bark. You will then take your stave down to a ring, lay it out, file, scrape and sand it down to 'floor tiller'. You will go through the full final tillering process, file in your nocks and make your own string. And provided the weather co-operates, you'll practice shooting your new bow on the final day. We will also discuss the best woods to use for bows and how to cut and season your own staves.
Over the course of these four days you will build your own hunting-weight bow that does not suffer from "stack" or hand-shock. A beautiful piece of functional art!
A process that must be experienced to be understood, there is nothing that can compare with holding in your hands a bow that you have transformed from a simple piece of wood into a dynamic extension of yourself.
››Bow staves are provided and included in the workshop tuition.

Student Comments:  Read what past students of this workshop have to say

April 27-30 $525 Great Meadows, NJ
$250 Deposit
Pay in Full


Shooting Board Bow


Board Bows: Lumber yard Bow-making

If the thought of building a bow for the first time is a little overwhelming, or if you don't have the time to start with a full stave then check out our 2-day Introduction to Bow-making weekend.
You'll build your bow from materials available at any lumber yard, and discover a great way to begin developing your tillering skills. This workhop will focus on the principles of bow design, performance, layout and tillering. You'll learn the fundamentals of bow construction without having to spend the extra cash shipping staves from across the country.
You'll leave Sunday with a shooting "board bow" of around 40 lbs — stout enought to hunt with — and all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to make your next one at home.
This is also an excellent workshop for Scout leaders and others who work with kids!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹




Survival Bows

Survival Bows: 4 Bows in 3 Days

Most long-term bows are made from wood that has been seasoned for many months, but in a survival situation, or one where you have no modern tools, how would you build a bow? Learn multiple effective methods for building expedient survival bows that are fast, effective, and can be easily made using nothing but stone tools and Stone Age technologies.
You will build four bows in three days, all ready-to-shoot and yours to take home with you.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹




Wooden Crossbow

››NEW! Building a Crossbow

Folks have been asking for this workshop for a long time now, and here it is! Crossbows have been used for thousands of years because they are both faster to learn and easier to use than a regular bow, whether for hunting or in war.
In this 3-day workshop you'll make your own all-wood crossbow. You will make all the components, tiller the bow and put it all together with a trigger and bolt. On day three, if there is time and daylight, you will even get a chance to practice with your new crossbow on the backyard target.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


Advanced Bow Making: Recurves, Bamboo- and Sinew-backed Bows

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a Recurve bow, how a Bamboo-backed bow is made, or why Sinew-backing a bow improves it's performance, this class has your answers. Starting with a blank stave, you will build your own long bow, then complete it with your choice of one of the above three methods. Go beyond the simple self bow and learn how improve performance, and create a true hunting weapon that you will cherish for years to come. Snake skin, rawhide, and other bow backing options will be covered, as we combine the best of modern and primitive technologies as they relate to the Art of the Bowyer.
All materials are provided.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


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Arrow shafts

Making Arrows: Shoot Shafts & Split Timber Shafting

As the saying goes, "Any old stick will make a bow. An arrow is a lot of work." Without a well-made arrow, the best bow is virtually worthless, and a well-made arrow starts with the selection and harvesting of the right arrow shaft. You'll learn how to identify, select and process "shoot" shafts from a wide range of off-the-landscape materials, as well as how to cure and straighten them into top-knotch arrows. You will also make "split timber" arrow shafts, that were the most common types of arrows made in the northeastern U.S. and in most of Europe. An in-depth day that will take both your knowledge and your hands-on experience with crafting arrows to a whole new level!

April 15 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


Hand-crafted Arrow

Arrows: Points, Hafting & Fletching

The right arrows make all the difference when shooting your bow, and no arrows are going to be as perfect for you as the ones that you make yourself. In this workshop you'll start with a plain wood shaft and finish the day with a fully completed arrow to take home. You will strip feathers into fletching and attach them to your shaft using sinew, you'll make and temper steel "trade" points for hunting, and learn how to properly secure them to a shaft and balance your arrow for truest flight. A finely crafted arrow takes time, skill and dedication. Over the course of this day you will create your own functional work of art, worthy of taking game. Join us for this amazing day!

April 14 $95 Great Meadows, NJ
$47 Deposit
Pay in Full


Survival Arrows

In a Survival-type situation you don't have the time to allow your arrow shafts to dry and cure for many months. This workshop will show you how to find, harvest and fashion arrows quicky, that will work effectively with your Survival Bow. You will learn various materials that can be used for fletching when feathers are not available, discover different options when stone or steel arrow points are not to be found, and how to get around the paradox of how haft your point without having to process a deer for the sinew first!

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹



Shooting the Longbow: Discovering Instinctive Shooting

If you have always wanted to learn to shoot a bow, today is your day. Whether or not you have ever held a bow before, Eddie's revolutionary "Beyond Instinctive Shooting" method of teaching will have you hitting targets out of the air by mid-afternoon.
You will learn the importance of proper form, how to quickly develop and maintain accuracy in your shooting, how to shoot at both realistic hunting ranges and for distance, and how to hit a moving target, either moving across the ground or out of the air. You will also learn techniques you can use to continue your improvement when you get home, as well as how to tune your own equipment to get the best possible performance each and every time.
Equipment will be provided.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


First day of archery

Archery II: Beyond Instinctive Shooting

Have you been shooting for a while, but still need to develop accuracy and proficiency with your bow? Are you ready to to shoot over longer distances, or from "non-standard" positions like through brush and lying on the ground? Do your arrows sometimes go exactly where you want them, while other times not, and you aren't sure why? This is the class you have been waiting for.
During this full-day workshop you will learn how to tune your equipment so that it becomes an extension of your own body. You will use the "lie-detector" to perfect your form and your release. You will learn to shoot accurately from 5 yards or 25 yards, and everything in between, as well as from any position. You will come away from this day with a whole new set of tools to take your bow shooting to an entirely new level of skill as you learn how to develop accuracy beyond the idea of shooting instinctively. A great, and fun!, day for those ready to take their skills to the next level!
NOTE: This is NOT a beginner workshop and the basics will NOT be covered. If you are new to shooting a bow please attend our Shooting the Longbow workshop instead.
Equipment will be provided, although students are encouraged to bring their own equipment, if available.

The Video:  If you're wondering what you can learn in just a couple of days, see what our student Matt, who had never shot a real bow before, was able to accomplish before lunch on Day 2!
Student Comments:  Read what past students of this workshop have to say.

›› This workshop is not currently on the schedule, but we'll let you know the next time it's offered.‹‹


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