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Acorn DVD



Processing & Preparing the Forgotten Food

Now on DVD!

Fast & Easy Methods of Processing & Preparing Acorn
Both Traditional & Modern Methods,
in Your Own Kitchen!


By Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater





80 minutes of step-by-step instructions on gathering, processing & leaching acorn, quickly and easily, at home in your kitchen. From traditional pounding to using a blender or food processor, you'll learn how to leach out the tannins and bitterness in a few days to a few hours, right on your kitchen counter! PLUS you'll see detailed "cooking show" examples of five of our favorite acorn recipes to make at home!


Watch a Sample Chapter!

Acorn Pieces

Your new DVD includes information on:

  • Harvesting Acorn: White Oak vs. Red Oak
  • Shelling, Drying & Storing Acorn
  • Traditional & Modern Processing
  • Two Different Cold Process Leaching Methods (Slow & Quick)
  • Cooking with Acorn & Modifying Your Own Recipes
  • Chicken Soup with Acorn Dumplings
  • Ulay Nupa (Paiute Water Biscuits)
  • Acorn Biscuits
  • Acorn Toritllas
  • Acorn-Pecan Banana Bread



Traditional Pounded Acorn

From the Back of the DVD:
Preparing acorn is a much faster process than most people realize. Using simple cold-water leaching, Eddie & Julie show how to quickly and easily remove the bitterness from your acorns right in your own kitchen.

Starting with gathering, drying and storage, our step-by-step instructions show you multiple methods for turning your acorns into flour, from traditional pounding to modern processing. Acorn Banana BreadYou'll see how to leach away the tannins in mere hours, then learn how to successfully add acorn into almost any recipe, including five of our favorites that you can replicate at home.

Delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, and filled with protein, complex carbs and healthy fats, it's time to learn just how simple processing and preparing this forgotten food can be!


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