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Welcome to Practical Primitive


Bushcraft Book Club

Each month we'll feature a new book related to Primitive Skills, Bushcraft, Wilderness Survival, Traditional Living, Homesteading or Emergency Preparedness.


Our Passion is Teaching

We focus our small-group, hands-on, adult-only workshops on specific topics, and provide Personal Mentoring sessions on almost any aspect of Traditional and Primitive skills. Do more than just gather knowledge; work hands-on with the tools and materials that will help you to fully integrate a strong and stable repertoire of skills into your life. Taught practically and learned passionately, there need not be any distinction between "class time" and "the real world".

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Practically Seeking

Our Workshops are Small

Our workshop sizes are limited to a maximum of six to ten adults, depending on the subject, so you'll get more out of your learning experience. Keeping the student-to-instructor ratio so low ensures that you will get the personalized attention you need to have your questions answered and your needs addressed. We teach in the manner that is best for you, not easiest for us. If you can't do at home what you learned in our workshops, we didn't do our job!

Primitive Skills

Our Focus is You

Small classes, Personal Mentoring, reasonable prices, weekend workshops — we have dedicated our program to providing you with the best in affordable, top-quality instruction in a wide variety of Primitive and Traditional skills. We'll even bring our Workshops to You! At Practical Primitive, our committment is to providing you with the practical means for you to master and integrate the knowledge of our shared ancestry into your modern life.

"Distance is the Enemy of Awareness"

-- J.B. Mackinnon